Nobody will Notice the Halo ‘by the Second Race’, says Williams’ Paddy Lowe

Paddy Lowe expects nobody to notice the Halo by the second race of the season
Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Paddy Lowe feels no one will notice the Halo head protection system by the second Grand Prix of the 2018, despite the big outcry over its introduction into Formula 1.

The chief technical officer of Williams Martini Racing, who was present as the team launched their FW41 last week, is a big supporter of making safety improvements in Formula 1, and feels the protection around the head is one those areas that has been neglected in the past.

Lowe believes that the Halo is a good device to give some extra protection to a driver, and he feels that it could help prevent someone being seriously hurt, or worse, in an accident.

“I’ve been a big supporter of making some improvement in that area which is the biggest remaining risk in Formula 1 to the drivers,” said Lowe to Reuters. “I think by the second race nobody will notice it any more.

“We’ve had roughly once per year, for the last two years that I’ve been looking out, an event where you go ‘that really was lucky, someone got away with it there’. I think it would only be a matter of time before we weren’t saying somebody’s been lucky, but they were unlucky. So that’s a really good project.”