Renault Sport Racing Enters World of eSports with French Gamers Team Vitality

by Tom Jeffries
Renault Sport Racing Team Vitality

Renault Sport Racing are entering the world of eSports, teaming up with eSports team Team Vitality.

Formed in 2013, Team Vitality is an eSports organisation with teams in League of Legends, Call of Duty and FIFA, among others.

They’ve already won several titles in the hugely competitive world of eSports, including winning the FUT Championship in May last year and ARMA Cup #1 just a few months before.

By associating with the team, Renault are hoping that Team Vitality will allow them a chance to engage with a new type of audience, and in return are offering the eSports players access to their Enstone factory.

This includes the opportunity to train with Renault Staff, who are accustomed to working in the high-pressure F1 environment.

The team will be starting with Rocket League – a car-based football game with over 25 million players – though are in discussions with F1 to compete in the Formula 1 eSports Series.

Renault Sport Team Vitality will be made up of three players:

  • Philip Paschmeyer – Paschy90
  • Victor Locquet – Fairy Peak!
  • Sandro Holzwarth – FreaKii

This is the latest in a series of pushes from teams from all manner of sports to use more video gamers, and become more prominent in the gaming world.

McLaren recently held their World’s Fastest Gamer competition, using eSports to find their newest simulator driver, whilst in football teams including AS Roma and Manchester City have official eSports players on their rosters.

“The ties that exist between motorsport and gaming are obvious. Both call for mental strength and physical fitness in a highly competitive environment,” said Cyril Abiteboul, General Manager, Renault Sport Racing.

Last year’s exciting launch by FOM of the Formula 1 eSports Series has accelerated the convergence of these two worlds and created opportunities for collaboration.

“Our drivers, and especially those who form part of the Renault Sport Academy programme, and Vitality’s own champions will be able to trade best practices.

“In this area, as in F1, our objective is to build a team for the long term that is both respected and feared by its opponents!”

Meanwhile Fabien Devide, Team Vitality’s founder and chairman, was keen to draw comparisons between his and Renault’s teams.

“Vitality’s DNA is to be seen as a French front-runner that is competitive in the international arena.

“Our partnership with Renault is a natural match, not only because we share the same values and colours but also because we all want to make it to the very top of the European and international scenes.

“At Vitality, we stand to learn a great deal from Renault Sport Racing and how it prepares for Formula 1 races.

“At the end of the day, many of its methods are the same as those we employ in eSports, namely data and performance tracking, physiotherapy, fitness training and mental training.”

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