Dale Wood takes victory in opening Carrera Cup Australia race of 2018

by Vince Pettit
Carrera Cup Australia - Adelaide - Race 1

Former Supercars driver Dale Wood has hit the ground running in his first race of the 2018 Porsche Wilson Security Carrera Cup Australia season as the series got underway in Adelaide.

Starting from second place on the grid, Wood beat pole-sitter Jaxon Evans in to the first corner, from that moment on he would remain in control of the race, taking it home for debut win despite pressure from Evans.

“I just wanted to come here and tick a box and come away with some okay points and a clean car, so at the moment we’re ticking all those,” said a jubilant Wood.

“I’m absolutely pumped. Jaxon Evans put a heap of pressure on, he’s really good to race with. I’m still getting my head around these cars but I’m pumped to be out there and stoked to be going well.

“I didn’t expect to take the win. I’m a blank piece of paper with these cars. I’m only doing what my bum’s telling me to do and I’ve obviously got a pretty good yelling partner with Michael Ritter. He’s telling me what to do and, so far, it’s working.”

Dylan O’Keeffe claimed the final podium position ahead of reigning champion David Wall who claimed fourth place.

Another Supercar regular, James Moffat, who makes the return to the series he finished in third place in 2008, had a strong race, finishing fifth place.

Reigning GT3 Cup Challenge champion Jordan Love and Michael Almond brought home the two Bob Jane T-Marts Porsches.

Former GT3 Cup Challenge champion Lago impresses

Carrera Cup Australia - Adelaide - Race 1

Credit: Porsche

In the TAG Heuer Pro-Am class it was Roger Lago who impressed, finishing eighth overall, topping the class for his fourth victory in the class.

Defending Pro-Am champion Stephen Grove too second in class and tenth place overall, just behind Pro racer Peter Major.

Tim Miles took the final podium in class, ahead of an impressive Max Twigg who gained then places through the opening race of the weekend.

“The result was a little bit better than I expected,” said Lago. “I’ve come back to Carrera Cup after being out for a few years.

“I did well in qualifying and obviously, it was very important to do a good job in the race and bag a few points to start the weekend. I’m pretty stoked.”

Adrian Flack finished in fifth place ahead of John Steffensen who finished sixth in class and fifteenth overall on his Carrera Cup debut.

The only driver who failed to finish the first race of the 2018 season was Nick McBride who went out of the race at Turn Nine on the opening lap after contact with Anthony Gilbertson.

Porsche Wilson Security Carrera Cup Australia – Adelaide – Race 1 results

1. #100 Dale Wood (Pro) – 10 laps, 13:56.5425
2. #7 Jaxon Evans (Pro) – 10 laps, 13:56.8243
3. #88 Dylan O’Keeffe (Pro) – 10 laps, 13:57.7900
4. #1 David Wall (Pro) – 10 laps, 13:58.3598
5. #18 James Moffat (Pro) – 10 laps, 14:00.8633
6. #777 Jordan Love (Pro) – 10 laps, 14:01.8970
7. #77 Michael Almond (Pro) – 10 laps, 14:02.4258
8. #23 Roger Lago (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 14:14.4290
9. #14 Peter Major (Pro) – 10 laps, 14:15.0031
10. #4 Stephen Grove (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 14:18.0189
11. #12 Adam Garwood (Pro) – 10 laps, 14:18.5091
12. #6 Tim Miles (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 14:21.0908
13. #80 Max Twigg (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 14:27.8990
14. #20 Adrian Flack (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 14:28.1127
15. #808 John Steffensen (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 14:28.9231
16. #111 Cameron Hill (Pro) – 10 laps, 14:29.1918
17. #15 Josh Hunt (Pro) – 10 laps, 14:29.9276
18. #13 Sam Shahin (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 14:31.0565
19. #888 Leanne Tander (Pro) – 10 laps, 14:34.7789
20. #9 Marc Cini (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 14:35.2823
21. #22 Dean Cook (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 14:47.8345
22. #19 Anthony Gilbertson (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 14:49.8543
23. #5 Greg Taylor (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 15:02.9361
24. #35 Indiran Padayachee (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 15:14.3405
25. #131 Graham Williams (TAG Heuer Pro-Am) – 10 laps, 15:14.8577
DNF #8 Nick McBride (Pro)

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