Sauber Evaluating Expanded Technical Collaboration with Alfa Romeo – Vasseur

Sauber are looking into expanding their technical partnership with Alfa Romeo
Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Evaluations are underway within the Sauber F1 Team as they investigate whether or not to extend their partnership with Alfa Romeo on a technical level, according to team principal Frederic Vasseur.

Vasseur says it is now a priority to discuss with Alfa Romeo how they can assist in the development of their C37-Ferrari, particularly at present, the only influence the Italian outfit has is the branding on the side of the car.

The deal to bring Alfa Romeo to the Hinwil-based team came too late for them to have any say in the design stage, but now a technical collaboration with the Italian outfit is a must for Vasseur.

We didn’t do it in a rush but we did it quite fast,” said Vasseur to “We agreed on the engine supply agreement at the end of July, August, then we started to discuss about Alfa Romeo and we did the announcement at the beginning of December.

“Trust me that it was quite fast! We have a different project and now we have to investigate different aspects of the collaboration.

“We are more than open to extending the collaboration with Alfa Romeo and will see step by step how and what could be the next options. A technical collaboration will be one.”

Vasseur insists the partnership between Sauber and Alfa Romeo cannot be likened to the one between Scuderia Ferrari and the Haas F1 Team, and that they will have their own development programme that he hopes can reach its full potential.

“Ferrari is the engine supplier, Alfa Romeo is the technical partnership,” said Vasseur. “I don’t want to discuss Haas and the Haas project. They are doing a good job. We have our own project.

“We have to define with Alfa Romeo how we can succeed, how we can develop the team, and we will take our own way.”