Alonso Expecting ‘New Ideas’ to Improve F1 Show in Liberty Media Blueprint

Liberty Media will unveil their blueprint for F1's future on Friday
Credit: Steven Tee/McLaren

Ahead of Liberty Media showing the teams their blueprint for the future direction of Formula 1 in Bahrain on Friday, Fernando Alonso says he expects new ideas and new ways to improve the show.

The McLaren F1 Team racer says Liberty Media has been very open with everyone within the sport since they took over the governing of Formula 1 from Bernie Ecclestone ahead of the 2017 season, with communications very productive throughout.

“I don’t think that there is anything thing that we can probably can say about that,” said Alonso during the FIA Press Conference in Bahrain.

“Definitely Liberty has been quite open to us from Day One and they’ve been asking us all of last year about opinions and different ideas that we may have. So, they were very productive conversations. So, now I think they have a plan.

“They will show it tomorrow to the teams and we will agree with whatever their decision is because they have all the power and they have all the knowledge of how to do things. Hopefully they’ll bring new ideas, new things that can improve the show and that will be welcome from all of us.”

Alonso hopes that the future regulations enable closer racing from the front to the back, and he admits he is a ‘little bit sad’ that you can almost predict who is going to win the race early in the weekend with the current regulations as they are.

“I think it could be a closer battle, that will always be welcome but it has always been like that in F1,” added the Spaniard.  “I remember watching the TV in the very old days… it was on television last week a race from ’90 or ’89 and apart from the first four cars, everyone was flat.

“We remember that era like a golden era, with big names etc and they’ve always been a big spread but I think if you see now, other series, if you watch a race of IndyCars or whatever, that unpredictable result until the last ten laps makes you excited in front of the television and now we can put (down) the qualifying order for this race right now, on Thursday and that’s a little bit sad.”

Kimi Raikkonen said ultimately the decisions will all be down to Liberty Media, but by the time they take effect he is likely to have disappeared from the grid.

“In the end it’s no our decision, it’s up to them,” added Raikkonen.  “It’s their business. They make plans and obviously take decisions they feel is correct.

“I don’t know what they’re doing now. I know very little about it and I’m not interested in it, so we’ll see tomorrow what they say. It’s in many years’ time anyhow. I doubt I’ll be here so it doesn’t really bother me.”