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Increased Fuel Allowance Puts End to Fuel Saving From 2019

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Credit: Lars Baron/Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

Formula 1 drivers will be able to use their engines at full power for full race distances in 2019 thanks to the Formula 1 Strategy Group and the F1 Commission‘s agreement to increase the team’s fuel allowance from next season.

The agreement, which sees the allowance raised from 105kg  to 110kg, came at a meeting in Paris and is due to be confirmed by the World Motor Sport Council in the near future.

The news will please teams who have faced increased fuel consumption is recent years, thanks to greater downforce levels and faster cars. It’s meant periods of fuel-saving during races which have proved unpopular with fans and drivers.

While the full 2021 power unit regulations are set to be finalised by the end of May, in addition to the greater fuel allowance, the weight of car and driver will be taken into account separately.

After fears that drivers’ weight was becoming worryingly low, a minimum 80kg has been set. Also, every driver on the 2019 grid will have to wear biometric gloves, with data transferred to Formula 1’s medical teams.

The meeting in Paris also discussed aerodynamic changes for 2019 with emphasis on aiding overtaking during races. The FIA stated that it wants a decision by the end of April and teams are helping with research to get the formula right.

The governing body said: “discussions will continue on proposals relating to aerodynamics, with a view to taking a decision by the end of April, once research being conducted by the FIA, in consultation with the teams, has been concluded.”


The FIA also outlined the latest proposal for the 2021 power unit regulations, stating that the engine would continue to be a 1.6-litre V6 turbo hybrid but would lose the MGU-H.

Other elements of the 2021 rules package are still to be debated, with some sources suggesting that the FIA and Liberty Media are at odds over some aspects of the final package.

The FIA said that its Technical Department “will now meet with current and potential power unit manufacturers to discuss in more detail, with a view to concluding the 2021 regulations by the end of May.”

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