Liberty Media Should not Listen to Drivers About How to Improve the Show – Magnussen

Liberty Media should not ask drivers how to improve F1, according to Kevin Magnussen
Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Kevin Magnussen insists Liberty Media should trust their own research on how to make Formula 1 a much more exciting sport, rather than listen to drivers who will only be looking over their own interests.

The Haas F1 Team racer insists he does not really care about making races more entertaining, and he believes his fellow racers, should they be asked by Liberty Media, would only want changes that would be beneficial to themselves.

“I think, as I said, Liberty should just do their own research and not listen to the drivers because the drivers will just say what’s in their best interests,” Magnussen is quoted as saying by  “I enjoy [racing] most when I win. I don’t care about the racing – if I win, that’s it.

“All the drivers, their feedback will be in their own best interests. None of us drivers care about making the show better, we want the best for ourselves.”

Following the addition of a third DRS zone in Australia, the Bahrain International Circuit has also made changes to its DRS zones, with its activation point being moved one hundred metres closer to the final corner, with Magnussen feeling the change is another of Formula 1’s overreactions to a bad race.

“I think it was pretty good before extending the DRS,” said Magnussen.  “You know, I think a typical thing that everyone tends to do, overreact when you have one bad race, make a big change.

“And then you go too much the other way and the race becomes boring because it’s just easily passing everyone.  I think it might be too much. Because DRS, if you have too much DRS, it’s just a drive-by.

“You don’t get racing, you just get overtakes like swapping of positions. Which isn’t necessarily what everyone wants to see.”