Meeke determined to get championship back on track in Argentina

by Vince Pettit
Kris Meeke - Rally Argentina

Kris Meeke heads into the 38. YPF Rally Argentina 2018 with a clear goal in mind, make the most of the opportunity to score points and get his championship challenge back on track.

Last time out Meeke and co-driver Paul Nagle were lucky to come away from Mexico uninjured after a rare pace note error from Nagle saw their Citroën C3 WRC fly off of the road.

“I come into this fifth round very determined to move back up the championship standings,” said Meeke. “but this rally is such a challenge, you have to treat it with respect it deserves.

“I’ll do my very best, as always, but the weather may be a factor. The condition of the roads is often determined by how much rainfall there has been over the previous six months.”

Meeke will be aided this weekend with further upgrades to the car, the team have used one of its chassis tokens to improve the rear axle, “in order to widen its operating window a little further”

Understandably Meeke is a big fan of the rally, having secured his first WRC victory there in 2015.

“In any case, it’s a rally that I really love, both for the wide range of difficulties involved and the warm, very enthusiastic welcome we get from the local fans.

“Added to which, I have always been comfortable here: I’ve finished on the podium twice in my four appearances, including my first WRC win.”

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