Reprimands for Both Verstappen and Ricciardo after Baku Collision

Max Verstappen/Daniel Ricciardo - Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Both Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo have received reprimands from the stewards following their high profile turn one collision that saw both drivers retire from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The Dutchman and Australian were battling throughout the race around the Baku Street Circuit, and had already banged wheels earlier in the race, again at turn one, and also had a couple of other close moments as they fought over what was fourth and fifth position at that time before their more extreme coming together just after the duo had made their one and only pit stops.

Stewards summoned both drivers to see them post-race to determine whether one or other was wholly responsible for the clash, but after communications from both of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing drivers, they deemed reprimands, the first for both drivers, were adequate punishments.

“The Stewards heard from Daniel Ricciardo, the driver of car 3, Max Verstappen, the driver of car 33 and the team representative,” read the statement from the Stewards in Azerbaijan.

“Both drivers contributed to the collision.  The driver of car 33 made two moves, both of which were relatively minor.  The driver of car 3 admitted he left his move to overtake on the left, too late.

“It was obvious to the stewards that although the incident had its origins in the moves by car 33, the driver of car 3 also contributed to the incident.

“Both drivers expressed regret about their respective contributions to the incident, during the Stewards’ heading.”