Romain Grosjean Rues “Undriveable” Haas

Credit: Haas F1 Team

Romain Grosjean said his Haas F1 Team car became “undriveable” after a bargeboard detached itself from the Frenchman’s car at the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Grosjean started a lowly sixteenth after a mistake in qualifying saw him eliminated in the first part of qualifying.

The Haas failed to make up places immediately but slowly began making its way through the field.

“It was always going to be difficult starting from the back of the grid.” Said Grosjean. “I didn’t really have a good first lap, but after that I came back through the field quite nicely.”

The French driver had a run-in with team-mate Kevin Magnussen before his left bargeboard detached from the side of the car costing him a potential points finish.

“If I hadn’t lost my bargeboard I’d have finished potentially seventh or eighth.

“That was a problem – losing parts as we’re just running on track.”

Grosjean tried to continue on but had to make a pit stop to fix the car, a move that ended his chances of a points finish round the Bahrain International Circuit.

“On those two laps, the car was absolutely undriveable. 

“We had to pit to remove the part, so that was the end of the story.”