Sergey Sirotkin Says Williams “Cannot Follow Other Cars”

Credit: Williams F1

Sergey Sirotkin was happy to complete his first full Formula One race as he finished seventeenth at the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Russian went with a two stop strategy but felt it was not the best choice.

It’s not so easy to summarise the race.” Said Sirotkin. “This was my first F1 race distance.

“It was a good experience, but we switched our plan.

“Our strategy was a two-stop, which we ended up sticking with and it was not optimum as I think we lost a bit of track time with that.

“Then I was caught by quite a lot of lapped cars, so again I lost quite a bit of track time.”

Sirotkin believes a major flaw that needs improved in the Williams Martini Racing car is the ability to follow others.

“The pace was OK but we cannot follow other cars.

“It’s something we definitely need to improve.

“It’s a big problem on the first lap as it’s impossible to fight people without damaging the front tyre.

“However, as we said a few days ago, we’re just trying to get to the end of the race.

“I tried all the tyre compounds, so it was a good experience and I came up with some good pace on the last set, so it was a reasonable improvement.

“Now we go to China.”