Pidgley Condemns Maybin Over Silverstone’s Formation Lap Crash

Credit: Dave Young Photography / MINI UK

Excelr8 Motorsport‘s young driver Ollie Pidgley felt his chance of a podium was ‘robbed’ during a surprise incident in the second MINI Challenge JCW race from Silverstone.

He was due to start third on the grid, but contact on the formation lap between himself and fourth placed Jac Maybin ensured that Pidgley returned to the grid with damage to his rear left corner. He was forced to pit to fix the damage before the lights went out, resulting in a 3 lap race from the pit lane in which he worked his way up to 21st.

“He just didn’t stop”, said Pidgley, reflecting on the race two green flag lap, “We were halfway between The Loop and Aintree, I was warming my tyres as you do and then there was a huge hit to the left-rear. They made me get the bodywork sorted in the pits, and the team fitted a fresh tyre as there was a cut in the original – the guys did a great job.

“I thought there might be an opportunity to do something even from the pitlane, gain a few places, but we only ended up with two racing laps due to the Safety Car. It was frustrating but overall I’m just happy with the positive pace we showed.”

As for Maybin, he damaged his front right corner, breaking that wheel off the car. He attempted to continue back to the pits but after crawling along the Wellington Straight came to a stop at Luffield.

He was fined £100 and incurred three penalty points for driving in a manner incompatible with general safety. Also collecting another £100 fine for failing to provide front-facing video evidence. He drops to ninth in the standings.

“Although race two was frustrating,” continued Pidgley, “generally it’s been a positive weekend as our pace was strong and I genuinely know I did a good job – there’s not a lot you can do about someone driving into the back of you!”

Maybin had beaten Pidgley over the line in race one with the pair finishing fifth and sixth after a last lap overtake saw the Excelr8 driver pick up two positions.

MINI Challenge - Excelr8 Motorsport
Both Jac Maybin (in Black) and Ollie Pidgley (in Red) share space in in the Excelr8 Garages. (Credit: Dave Young Photography)