MSA shines spotlight on British GP volunteers

by Bethonie Waring

The Motor Sport Association has paid tribute to the volunteer marshals and officials that ensure the smooth running of motorsport across Britain.

Almost 1000 volunteers will desend on Silverstone this weekend to help deliver the British Grand Prix.

“Volunteers are the very lifeblood of motorsport, the glue that binds it all together, and the British Grand Prix would not be where it is today without them,” said MSA Chairman David Richards CBE.

“The drivers and teams may be the stars of the show, but that’s only possible thanks to the efforts of hundreds of marshals and officials, and it’s right that we pay tribute to their great efforts behind the scenes.”

A total of 971 volunteers, including more than six hundred marshals and track safety team workers, will be in attendance at the grand prix.

This is broken down into:

  • 35 senior officials
  • 18 breakdown and recovery unit personnel
  • 194 course/incident marshals
  • 19 fire tender marshals
  • 85 flag marshals’
  • 33 incident officers
  • 13 JCB snatch personnel
  • 8 marshals’ minibus personnel
  • 105 medical team members
  • 20 paddock marshals
  • 47 pit/start line marshals
  • 37 post chiefs
  • 252 track safety team members
  • 29 sweepers 46 scrutineers
  • 12 rescue marshals
  • And 18 race admin/communication workers

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