Sergey Sirotkin – United States Grand Prix “was a tough race”

by Findlay Grant
Sergey Sirotkin - Williams Martini Racing - US GP

Williams Martini Racing‘s Sergey Sirotkin has said that United States Grand Prix, which was held at the Circuit of the Americas this weekend was “tough” for the team.

Sirotkin started fourteenth on the grid, while team-mate, the Canadian Lance Stroll, started just behind in fifteen.  Both drivers had lost a place by the end of the race, with Sirotkin finishing in fifteenth and Stroll behind in sixteenth.

They both had contact with both of the McLaren F1 Team drivers at the beginning of the race, which they found difficult to recover from.

“It was a tough race.  I had a very good start and gained quite a lot of places.  I got some damage on the rear-side of the floor in one of the incidents with a McLaren through the first-lap, but everything was ok whist we were in dirty air and there was a lot of inconsistency in the things happening around the track,” said Sirotkin.

He added: “I had good pace and considering the damage and I could keep up with the cars ahead and everything looked good.  After the pitstop it just didn’t work.  When everyone got into their rhythm and got into their pace we just didn’t have the performance to keep to compete and keep the people behind.”

Sirotkin said that he and the team did the best they could, and tried to get to the end of the race without losing too many places to their competitors.

“The damage on the floor that I had was probably painful for us in clear air when everyone could use their performance a bit more.  I was basically trying to get to the end without losing too many places which was not the best feeling either.  I don’t think we could have done much better.” he said.

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