WEC Pit Stop Rules Revert Back for 2019/20 Season

by Alice Holloway
WEC have decided to revert back to 1994-style Le Mans pit stop rules for the 2019/20 season.

Reverting back to the post-2018/19 FIA World Endurance Championship rules, teams will not be allowed to refuel and change tyres at the same time in the 2019/20 season.

The rule initially cam into place at the 1994 24 Hours of Le Mans to restrict teams from working on the car at the same time as it was being refuelled. However, for its ‘Super Season’, WEC got rid of the rule, hoping for fastest and dramatic pit stops to be brought to the championship.

Revising this rule brings  back a competitive element to the mandatory stops, as well as a potential strategical advantage for teams.

Teams appear to be in support of the revision of this rule, as there is a new element to finding time in a pit stop: being able to change your tyres faster than other teams.

George Howard-Chappell, Team Principal of Ford Chip Ganassi Team UK, said to Autosport: “This will let the teams compete again in the pits; the mechanics doing the pitstops will be in the competition. It means that their efforts could allow us to jump the car in front, which has to be good.

“Now [in the 2018/19 season] it’s just about how long it takes for the fuel to go in, because everyone can change all four wheels in that time.”

The revision could see an increase of pit lane penalties that appear to have reduced in the 2018/19 season.

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