Toro Rosso team manager Graham Watson – “Everyone is excited to get back racing”

by Craig Edwards
Graham Watson - Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda

Team manager Graham Watson says “everyone is excited to get back racing” after Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda unveiled their 2019 challenger, the STR14.

The team struggled last year in their debut season with Honda power but Watson feels things will be better this year as the changes this season have been with personal in the team

“This is our second year with Honda, so things should be a little clearer and more stable than year one of the relationship.

“We’ve had quite a few changes in terms of our own race team.

“We have two new Number One mechanics and a couple of new garage technicians, so there’s a little bit of a rebuilding process that has taken place over the winter and will continue through testing.

“The new Number Ones have been with us for several years and deserve their promotion, so I hope they will thrive in their new positions.”

Formula 1 is certainly a busy time throughout the year and already Watson has said the team are preparing on how to keep the team fresh throughout the long season ahead.

“We’ve already started a little bit of a rotation with most of the departments now to help sustain it.

“However, when it comes to the race mechanics, it’s a little bit trickier.”

The season gets underway at Albert Park in just over a month’s time and Watson knows that everyone is excited and motivated to get going.

“At the beginning of a new season the motivation is high because everyone is excited to get back racing, as well as seeing the hard work from the winter being put on track for the first time.

“Obviously, if the season starts well it’s easier to keep the motivation high, but it becomes difficult to maintain the same kind of motivation when the season doesn’t go your way.

“It’s a choice we make when we sign on to work in Formula 1, you have to set your private life aside as you’re away from home so much and focus on your work which, very often, brings a lot of stress.”

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