Grosjean Bemoans Monaco Traffic as Gasly Block Denies him Q3 Shot

by Paul Hensby

Romain Grosjean was unhappy with the outcome of Qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix on Saturday after being blocked by Pierre Gasly while attempting to make it through to the top ten shootout.

The Haas F1 Team driver had hoped to follow team-mate Kevin Magnussen into the top ten but found Red Bull Racing’s Gasly on the racing line, ending his chances of advancing and leaving him down in thirteenth position on the grid.

Despite the block, Grosjean does not blame his fellow Frenchman, instead putting the responsibility onto the shoulders of Red Bull themselves who should have informed Gasly that there was someone coming behind at speed and he would need to stay out of the way.

Grosjean likened the move to the one that happened with him and Lando Norris during Qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix where his team failed to let him know the McLaren F1 Team driver was on a quick lap behind him as he set up to begin his own lap.

“At the end, traffic cost us the chance to move into Q3,” said Grosjean.  “I was clearly going to crash into Pierre (Gasly).

“It’s not his fault, we can’t see anything with these mirrors, we rely on the radio – and I don’t think he was warned on the radio by Red Bull. The same happened to me in Bahrain with Lando Norris.

“I’m obviously unhappy, and even though Gasly was penalized, it’s not his fault, and it’s not going to change my qualifying – I’ll start where I am, and for tomorrow, that’s a bad thing. It’s Monaco, there’s not much we can hope for as qualifying is key.”

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