Haas’ Guenther Steiner: “Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong for us”

by Ellie Jane

Guenther Steiner, said that Haas F1 Team had a “challenging race” after his team only managed to score a point in the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo.

Romain Grosjean took home Haas’ only point of the weekend, after Kevin Magnussen‘s race fell apart after his early pit stop.

It was a challenging race for us, almost everything that could go wrong, did go wrong for us.” said Steiner.

“It’s Monaco though, I think there were just circumstances that led us to only score one point here. I don’t even want to go into all that happened, otherwise you’d have to write a book about it.

Obviously, we’re not happy about it, but a lot of people would have been happy getting away with one point.”

Steiner, claimed “almost everything that could go wrong, did” as Magnussen, who started the race best of the rest, in fifth, fought with Renault F1 Team‘s Daniel Riccardo, a early safety car came out due to Charles Leclerc’s tyre delimitation debris.

Magnussen pitted early, which turned to be the wrong decision as he finished sombre fourteenth.

Grosjean, however, came home to finish tenth for the American team, taking one point from Monte Carlo.

Steiner added, “We’re pretty upset about that. What we’re not upset about is the performance of our car, the team and our drivers.

Today we got into circumstances we didn’t want to be in, but we know the car is faster than it showed. That’s a good thing to look forward to, and I’m sure we’ll make up for it.

Hopefully one day we won’t be unlucky, I’m not even demanding to be lucky – just not unlucky.” 

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