Alfa Romeo Racing have work to do – Kimi Räikkönen

by Harry Slade
Kimi Räikkönen

2007 FIA Formula 1 World Champion, Kimi Räikkönen has stated that his Alfa Romeo Racing team “have work to do” following a disappointing Canadian Grand Prix that left the Finn a lowly fifteenth at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Räikkönen, who suffered a frustrating exit in the first part of the qualifying session, was outqualified by his teammate for only the second time this season.

His disappointment extended to Sunday as he was out-raced by teammate Antonio Giovinazzi for the first time this season, despite a spin for the Italian.

The dissatisfying results left the former Canadian Grand Prix winner bemoaning a tough weekend for the Swiss-Italian outfit as they lacked “the speed to fight for position”

“Not an easy weekend, not an easy race, as we didn’t have the speed to fight for position. Some laps it felt better, then there were laps where we struggled to find grip.” said Räikkönen.

The Finn continued to state that his Alfa Romeo team have work to do as the F1 fraternity gears up for its first doubleheader of the season; beginning in Paul Ricard for the French Grand Prix in two weeks time.

We have work to do and we also will get new parts and this should help us to get back into the fight for points.” he added.

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