Sergio Pérez on Paul Ricard – “It’s a circuit that is challenging”

by Ellie Jane

SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team driver Sergio Pérez has called Paul Ricard Circuit “challenging” as he prepares for the 2019 French Grand Prix. The Mexican has been busy since the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, where he finished in twelfth place.

It’s been a busy time since Canada. I spent a few days in the factory working with the engineers and doing simulator work for France.

It’s a circuit that is challenging because there are quite a few different racing lines you can take through the corners and it’s not easy to know which is the best one to use.

My favourite part of the lap is turn 11: the double right-hander with a double apex. You feel the car compress through the corner and it’s a really enjoyable part of the lap.

Pérez admitted he does not know the track completely yet, as he heads to the track for a second time in Formula 1. Saying as it is a “new race” he still need to “explore” the track, where last year he unfortunately retired from.

“It’s still a new race and I need to explore the area properly. It was great to see how many fans came last year. It’s important to race in countries that love our sport.

I remember there was lots of interest and good energy from the fans, even though there was a lot of traffic.

He also gave advice to the fans of Formula 1, who are attending the race, as he said any weather could come to the circuit. It seems Pérez, thought their could be rain due to the “big storm” last year.

“My advice to the fans is to bring their rain jackets because there’s always a risk of rain. There was a big storm just after the race last year when everybody was trying to leave the track.”

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