Red Bull: “We don’t fully understand why” we were so quick in Austria

by Ellie Jane

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Honda, have admitted they “don’t fully understand” as to why the team were so fast in at their home track of the Red Bull Ring in Austria. Max Verstappen brought Red Bull’s engine partner Honda their first win in thirteen years.

Max Verstappen, took his first win of the season and also his teams, bring the end to Mercedes’ dominance. It meant it was the second year in a row in Austria that he has taken a win at his team’s home race. His team principle Christian Horner spoke on the speed of the car.

In the second half of the race, we were really on fire, The car was incredibly quick. The reality is that we don’t fully understand why.

Horner continued, “Obviously the updates we have been bringing to the car over the last couple of races have started to come together and work very well, but this race was won the hard way. We had to go and pass three of the four main opposition and Max did just that.

It was Red Bull’s first win since their switch from Renault to Honda, and it saw them deliver Honda’s first win since 2006, when they won, last with Jenson Button at the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Helmut Marko spoke optimistically of the victory and working with Honda, as he talked about his aims with Honda and Red Bull during this 2019 Formula 1 season.

You were in the press conference in Tokyo where I promised five wins, some people declared me crazy or whatsoever, but I still believe we can achieve that.

However, Christian Horner believes they must not be too optimistic, as they have to meet Mercedes, who are currently ahead of the field.

“We take things one race at a time,” he said. “We have achieved a race win with Honda, which is a great moment for them. I think they have had one win in the previous 27 years, so we will now try to build on that.

Horner continued: “We will keep getting performance to the car and keep pushing, but the first target is very much achieved.

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