Romain Grosjean: “There’s a wish from all the drivers to see better racing”

by Paul Hensby

Romain Grosjean says all Formula 1 drivers have a desire to see better and closer racing within the sport going forward, with not just the same three teams fighting it out for victory race after race.

The Haas F1 Team driver is a director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) and he says the twenty drivers on the grid all want to push for closing the gap between the front and rear of the field and enabling better on-track racing.

“There’s a wish from all the drivers to see better racing and more racing, not just a couple of teams dominating the whole field,” said Grosjean.  “That’s something I can share.

“It’s quite obvious. It’s definitely something drivers want to push forward.”

Grosjean has had his say about the possible re-introduction of refuelling within Formula 1, something that FIA President Jean Todt has said teams should consider for the 2021 regulations that are in the final stages of being agreed.

“I am for refuelling, I think it’s a positive to get the car faster and lighter,” admitted the Frenchman.  “It makes it more demanding on the drivers.

“I believe also it could open some strategy. Driving a heavy car is not amazing. If we have lighter cars due to refuelling, it’ll be better and also easier on the tyres.”

Team-mate Kevin Magnussen has similar sentiments when it comes to refuelling and tyre management, and he adds that cars would be faster due to having lighter fuel loads compared to what currently transpires in Formula 1.

“I think refuelling would be very good,” said Magnussen.  “I think it would have some positive effect on tyres. It would make the racing closer between cars.

“It would be more fun for the drivers and more challenging in the races because the cars would be faster with the lighter fuel load.” 

Grosjean says all of the drivers will get to have their concerns and ideas about the sport heard as part of his role within the GPDA, and as much of this as possible will be raised with those in charge of the sport in the next group meeting.

“We have an agenda as the GPDA,” said Grosjean.  “We have points we want to move forward. We’re very clear and all the drivers are involved.

“We’ll bring those points forward and answer as many questions as we can.”

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