Vettel Looking to Make Amends for 2018 Hockenheimring Crash

by Paul Hensby

Sebastian Vettel is looking to put the heartbreak and frustration from the outcome of the 2018 German Grand Prix behind him as he returns to the Hockenheimring for the first time since crashing out from the lead twelve months ago.

The Scuderia Ferrari driver had been firmly in control last year only to see his chances of a home win disappear as he skidded off the track at turn twelve, his front wing hitting the outside wall. 

The retirement meant he lost his advantage to Lewis Hamilton in the Drivers’ Championship, leaving Germany seventeen points behind the Mercedes AMG Motorsport driver despite coming to the track eight points ahead.  He would never be in the same position again throughout the remainder of the season.

“We have got to make up for last year, especially myself and I look forward to racing in Hockenheim,” said Vettel.  “The atmosphere is always phenomenal and the crowd is great.

“I remember a lot of German flags around the track from last year, which I really enjoyed.”

Vettel says the track is more technical than it looks, with the Motodrom section at the end of the lap particularly so as they race in front of a lot of passionate German fans.  He also says the opening turn is a tricky one to get right and it is imperative to get it right if a driver wants to set a good lap time.

“In terms of the track, it looks quite simple and straightforward at first sight,” said the German.  “Especially the last part is very enjoyable but it is also very technical entering the Motodrom.  There are a lot of fans there and I think that’s definitely the highlight of the track.

“I would say that turn 1 is probably one of the most tricky corners. It is very fast and is over before you notice, so it is important to get a good feeling straight away to set you off on the right foot for the rest of the lap.”

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