Projekt E Rallycross Car Unveiled

by Nigel Chiu

On Friday, IMG revealed the all-electric racecar that will compete in a new rallycross series called Projekt E.

Projekt E will be a part of selected European rounds at FIA World Rallycross Championship events next year before the possibility of electric cars being introduced into World RX’s main category in 2021.

The powertrain has been build by Manfred Stohl’s STARD firm with the cars set to produce 450kW (613BHP) combined power, 1100 newton metres of instantaneous torque with a top speed of 240KPH (149MPH).

Stohl and Paul Bellamy, Senior Vice President of IMG Motorsports, had the honours of taking the wraps off the car. “Today we reached a tipping point in the future of production-based motorsport with the unveiling of the racecar which will feature in the electric support series in 2020, codenamed Projekt E,” Bellamy said.

“The car we revealed today is the result of months of collaboration with our technical partner, STARD. That work has centred on developing electric technologies, charging and safety systems for the Projekt E racecars.

“This collaboration is further proof of IMG’s commitment to future mobility and relevant technologies in the rugged rallycross environment.

“The car looks striking on the outside, but under the skin is what really matters. Rallycross is known for rapid launches and fast-paced, wheel-to-wheel action. The advanced technology which powers the Projekt E racecar will produce torque levels we have never seen in rallycross before.

“It’s an exciting time for the sport of rallycross. Our aim with the new-look race weekend format for 2020, with the inclusion of Projekt E, is to allow rallycross fans to enjoy the traditional internal combustion engines – and be given a flavour of the future at the same time.”

The plan is for the current chassis technology such as the 2019 World RX Ford Fiesta to be utilised which will allow for the conversion of the current World RX cars or new builds to current chassis regulations using the REVelution drivetrain.

Projekt E will enable the use of road car electric motors in racecars – a first for motorsport.

Stohl was very excited for the innovative concept.

“There is a lot of activity in hybrid and electric racing at present but what sets Projekt E apart is the fact that the Projekt E race car can utilise road car electric motors.

“The performance of the racecar will be impressive when you consider that in terms of torque, the power unit is capable of 0-90% in about 32 milliseconds. The motors rotate at up to 14,000rpm. Projekt E will add a whole new, innovative dimension to rallycross in 2020.”

It will be intriguing to see how successful Projekt E will become over the next 12 months and whether it will change the landscape of the current FIA World Rallycross Championship.

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