“There are no home runs at a track like Singapore” – Toto Wolff

by Senna Hamilton
AMG Mercedes, Singapore - Paddock

With 1,600 lighting projector’s shining down on the Marina Bay Street Circuit, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will both be in the spot light this weekend.

With a few heavy braking zones, 23 corners, and a lack of straights – it is set to be a hard weekend ahead.

The Marina Bay Circuit is one of the highest-duty races for the drivers this includes hard work for the breaks and changing gears 62 times.

Hamilton completed 3,100 gear changes, while Bottas completed 4,140 during the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix.

“We came back from the summer break knowing that the first two races would be difficult for us. We ended up with two double podiums and 67 points which was a strong form of damage limitation and more than we expected,” said Wolff.

The next race takes us to Singapore, a spectacular night race set and a great showcase for our sport. The offset schedule and the climate make it a demanding weekend for the team; temperatures in the garage can easily reach 40 degrees Celsius or more with high humidity levels as well. It’s a tough environment to work in and it’s equally challenging for the drivers and the car itself.”

For a long time, Singapore used to be one of our weakest tracks, but we’ve made some inroads into that and performed well last year. However, there are no home runs at a track like Singapore: we need to understand this car and this year’s tyres on a very particular track layout and take absolutely nothing for granted in our approach to the weekend,” he continued.

We are looking forward to a tough battle under the lights of Singapore,” Wolff said.

With no team ever scoring a first and second place in Singapore, it not only showcases the struggles of the circuit but shows that there is a lot for Hamilton and Bottas to play for.

Both drivers are at the top of the championship table, Singapore is set to be interesting.

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