Formula 1 announces 2021 regulations

by Ed Spencer

Liberty Media have released the much anticipated 2021 regulations which will completely change the look of Formula 1 cars and the race weekend in itself.

In a press conference in Austin and via video link in Paris Liberty Media president Chase Carry and FIA president Jean Todt announced a number of technical changes to the 2021 car.

The new cars will include simplified front wings and suspension systems, bigger rear wings, low profile tyres, 18-inch wheel rims and the introduction of a wheel wake control system which will cover the tyres.

F1 hopes that the 2021 cars will see closer racing that will reduce the amount of dirty air contracted by two cars following each other dropping from 40% to 5-10% giving the drivers more chance to do battle.

Also introduced to F1 is a budget cap system where teams can only spend $175 million a year on everything that is on track related, however, teams can still spend unlimited amounts of money on marketing, drivers salaries and the top three of any team.

Various elements on the car will be standardised such as the fuel pump and there will be increased restrictions on how many times brake pads can be replaced as well as the car’s exhaust system will be limited and any overuse can result in a penalty.

Race weekend will have some change with Thursday’s press conference now being moved to Friday mornings, where cars now have to be in parc ferme conditions by the start of the final practise sessions, with teams now being ordered for at least two practice sessions of the season to run drivers who have competed in two or less Grand Prix’s in order for the younger generation to have a chance.

The final announcement was that the maximum amount of races permitted on a calendar would be 25.

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