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Racing Point Aiming For Points In Austin Following Strong Mexican Showing

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Racing Point F1 Team
Credit: Racing Point F1 Team

Racing Point F1 Team head to the United States Grand Prix aiming to be best of the rest once again.

Sergio Pérez finished seventh at the Mexican Grand Prix and was the best driver outside the top three teams while Lance Stroll missed out on points.

The two North American drivers both look forward to the race at the Circuit of the America’s with lots of fans expected to support the team.

Stroll says the atmosphere that is created throughout the weekend is great.

“Austin is a great place to have a race.

“It’s a city full of excitement and it’s always awesome to be in Texas.

“A lot of fans come to the race so we always get a really good atmosphere.

“Away from the track I sometimes like to catch some live music, but I try to save my free time for a nice BBQ dinner.”

Austin is one of the favourite tracks amongst the drivers with the combination of high and low speed corners along with the undulation makes it a very enjoyable experience says the Canadian.

“Austin is a very technical lap with a combination of low and high-speed corners, which means setting up the car is quite challenging.

“I enjoy the first sector the most. Turn 1 is a blind uphill corner that you approach at almost 190 mph.

“The steep approach means it’s quite satisfying on the brakes because the car really stops well with that amount of incline.

“Because it’s a blind corner you have to be very precise with the turn-in.

“From there the sequence of corners is really amazing.

“The speed that we carry through those corners on a qualifying lap is unbelievable, so I really enjoy it.”

Pérez securing seventh place last Sunday at his home race means he arrives in America in a good mood and believes the team can fight for points in all three of the remaining races.

The Mexican feels this weekend will feel as a second home race with lots of Mexican supporters expected over the weekend.

“I’m still feeling really happy with our race in Mexico last weekend.

“Finishing as best of the rest is realistically the most we could have achieved.

“It showed our strengths as a team and shows the progress we are making with this car – even in the final part of the year.

“I feel we can fight for points in all of the remaining races.

“Austin has always felt like a second home race for me because of the number of Mexican fans who come along.

“It feels strange to be going there after Mexico because it’s usually the other way around.

“I enjoy having these two races next to each other – they are both highlights of the year for me and very enjoyable.

“I always notice the Mexican flags in the grandstands and it gives you a boost.”

The Racing Point driver enjoys the COTA circuit and says it is fun to experiment with different lines and breaking points because of the nature of the track.

“As for the track, it’s interesting for the drivers because of the range of corners.

“It’s challenging, especially the first sector, which I enjoy the most because of the quick corners.

“Turn 1 is pretty unique being so steep and it’s not easy to choose your braking point.

“You can brake so late because of the gradient, but it’s easy to go in too deep and miss the blind apex.

“You can also experiment with taking some different lines through the corner because it’s so wide.”

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