Top drivers have no reason to change teams – Red Bull’s Horner

by Findlay Grant

Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner says he does not see any reason why Formula 1‘s top drivers would want to change teams, given that their contracts will expire at the end of 2020.

Mercedes-AMG Motorsport star driver, Lewis Hamilton, has been linked with Italian outfit Scuderia Ferrari, Toto Wolff claiming that there is only a 75% chance that he will stay with the team.

Many have said that if Hamilton moves to another top team or leaves the sport entirely, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen would be the obvious person to take his place, Wolff having followed his racing career since he was competing in Formula 3.

Despite this, Horner believes all the drivers will remain with their respective teams for the time being.

“I think all the top guys are out of contract for the end of next year. He [Verstappen] is very happy in this team,” said Horner to

“We love having him in the team, he fits very well here. It’s down to us to give him a competitive car next year, but I think ultimately when the music stops I wouldn’t be at all surprised for everybody to end up remaining in the same seats.”

Asked why he believed there would be no change, he explained that both Hamilton and Leclerc seem happy where they are, and therefore would have no want or need to change seats.

“I think [Charles] Leclerc‘s under contract at Ferrari. Lewis obviously is pretty happy in his environment. Max is happy in his environment.

“So if they’re sitting in competitive cars next year, why would they swap, or why would they move?”

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