Rally Sweden: New stands at Colin’s Crest

by Pontus Lindroos

200,000 visitors are expected to attend Rally Sweden this year for the second round of WRC and now the fans will be able to enjoy better viewing areas as the event organizer is building three stands next to the spectacular jump at Colin’s Crest.

The jump is named after the world champion Colin McRae who always offered the fans something extra at this particular spot.

Today the site attracts fans from all over the world and the record is from 2016 when the Norwegian Eyvind Brynildsen jumped 45 meters over the crest.

For this year accessibility becomes even better as new grandstands are built in a fenced area where the audience is guaranteed good visibility.

Colin's Crest
Credit: Rally Sweden

The Swedish Rally will be decided in mid-February, and this year historic cars will run after the WRC cars as opposed to running before. There are also brand new stands in Vargåsen, where Colin’s Crest is included, an additional stage named Nyckelvattnet will be run during Friday when the competition enters in to Norway.

The mild winter has raised many questions ahead of the competition, but despite the fact that there are still no snow on several places in Värmland, the competition director is not worried.

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