Tänak parnters up with American DirtFish brand for 2020

by Pontus Lindroos
Ott Tänak

Reigning FIA World Rally champion Ott Tänak has joined forces with the American DirtFish brand for 2020, with this agreement the branding will appear on Tänak’s crash helmet, race suit and caps.

The cooperation with the 12-time world rally winner signals DirtFish’s intentions to broaden the appeal of rallying in North America, while simultaneously developing a global appreciation of its own brand.

DirtFish’s new deal with the World Rally Champion is just the beginning of an exciting period of global expansion for the Seattle-based rally brand. 

Credit: Jaanus Ree/RedBull Content Pool

The chance to work with a world champion like Ott was, quite simply, too good an opportunity to miss. We’ve known Ott for a few years now and working alongside him is something we are very, very excited about. DirtFish joins him at a fascinating time in his career as he begins the defense of his maiden WRC title.Steve Rimmer, owner of DirtFish said.

We have to be clear here: this is much more than a straight commercial agreement. DirtFish has some very big plans related to the World Rally Championship and you’ll be seeing more on those in the coming weeks.”

Credit: DirtFish

The intention is to raise awareness of this incredible sport and championship in the United States. There is a strong rallying community here in America and DirtFish plays a large, fundamental role in the sport.

However, we want to see that continue to grow and grow. Historically, rallying hasn’t been at its most prominent in America – but we shouldn’t forget this country has run five WRC rounds with the Press on Regardless and Olympus Rallies –  and we want to change that.” Rimmer added.

“We’re looking to work very closely with WRC Promoter to provide a platform through which we can introduce Ott and the WRC to North America. Short, medium and long-term… watch this space. DirtFish and North America are coming to the WRC party.”

Credit: DirtFish

Tänak is looking forward to have the excited alliance with the market leader of rallying brands in North-America.

“I first met Steve [Rimmer, DirtFish owner] when I drove one of his cars at Goodwood in 2010. Actually, Markko [Märtin] was driving the car, but Steve let me have a go as well!” Tänak said.

Steve is one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met in the sport and that’s the same for everybody in the DirtFish family. I’m looking forward to working with them and I am really looking forward to my first trip to DirtFish in Seattle later this year – remember, every day is a school day!

But seriously, it’s really nice to be taking the WRC to North America a little bit. I know that the sport of rally is quite small over there, but I hope this deal can help show it to some more people.” Tänak added.

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