Ferrari launch SF1000 – Their 2020 Formula 1 title challenger

by Ed Spencer

Scuderia Ferrari has launched their 2020 challenger the SF1000, with the name paying homage to the manufacturers’ milestone of entering 1000 Grands Prix this year.

In a glamorous ceremony which included a live orchestra held in the Teatro Valli in Reggio Emilia under an hour’s drive from Ferrari’s Maranello base, the new car was unveiled, building on last year’s challenger the SF90 which won three Grand Prix’s.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto explained the focus of the work that has been put in to improve the aerodynamics on the 2020 car saying, “It may look similar to last year’s, but it’s completely different.

“We have been as extreme on the concept as we could, to look for the maximum aerodynamic performance first.”

While the team may have had the most powerful engine on the grid last season, making the car very fast in a straight line, they struggled elsewhere on track partly down to the aerodynamic design of the car.

“[We have been] trying to maximise the downforce level, so the car has been packaged to have a very narrow and slim body shape – that is quite visible,” Binotto added.

“We have worked with all the components. The suspension has been designed to have more adaptability on track. We put in a lot of effort to keep the weight down.”

Ferrari’s number one driver Sebastian Vettel was the first of the two drivers to speak at the launch, with the German unable to contain his excitement at his new machine.

“I like it, we had an opportunity to see it before and to have a direct comparison with last year’s car,” commented Vettel.

You can really spot the differences, especially with the overall package and the back part of the car is a lot tighter, so there is a lot of work behind that and it’s not so easy, but we found some clever solutions to it to be able to achieve that and I can’t wait to drive it as it’s more exciting then looking at it.”

Whilst at the launch Vettel was asked how the championship go this season as he bids to clinch World championship number five at his fifth year at the Scuderia, however, the German didn’t predict how the championship will go.

“It’s impossible to predict but I see first of all a lot of hours went into the car, a lot of effort, and I think it’s a step forward.

“I hope it will feel like that when I drive the car but I can be sure of plenty of commitment from all of the team who are here and in Maranello working right now to improve the car even further, so I think that’s something we can rely on and trust that’s definitely something I can see if I had a crystal ball but it’s part of the adventure to be patient and to wait.”

Vettel’s teammate Charles Leclerc talked about how he feels more comfortable inside the team a year on from his debut year with them along with his excitement of driving the new car.

“The approach is a little bit different, just because now I know the team more or less the car, as it’s an improvement of last year’s car so we have been working all together to get better and to be more ready for this year, I know the people, it’s going to be a big challenge and I can’t wait to drive the car”.

Ferrari President, John Elkann closed the ceremony adding, “We are proud to represent Italy around the world,” he said. “Even though Ferrari has won 238 of the 991 Formula 1 races run to date, our thirst for victory is stronger than ever.

In the coming season, we will continue to face very tough opposition, but that only serves to spur us on to do more and to do even better. What distinguishes us is the amazing collective effort of everyone in Ferrari’s Gestione Sportiva, both on and off the track. That is our strength”.

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