Pat Symonds Didn’t Anticipate How Long it Would Take for Others to Catch Mercedes

by Paul Hensby

Pat Symonds says that it has came as no surprise to him how Mercedes AMG Motorsport has performed since the introduction of the V6 turbo hybrid power units, but it has been a surprise to just how long it has taken their rivals to catch up.

Symonds, the chief technical officer of Formula 1’s motorsport division who has worked for a number of Formula 1 teams during his career, has praised the work done by those working at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powerteams, including Managing Director Andy Cowell, and it is clear that seeing them at work makes him realise why they’ve been so good since the V6’s were introduced.

Since 2014, Mercedeshas won all six World Constructors’ Championships on offer, while Lewis Hamilton has won five Drivers’ Championships in that time.  The sixth title also went the way of a Mercedes driver in the form of Nico Rosberg, who denied Hamilton the crown in 2016.

“It’s been amazingly impressive,” Symonds is quoted as saying by during the Autosport International Show.  “If ever you go to HPP and Brixworth, you understand why. There are so many good people there, so well financed, such good equipment, fantastically strong leadership from Andy Cowell. It doesn’t surprise me now [but] I didn’t anticipate it.

“I think even if you go back to the V8, I think the Mercedes was the strongest engine, and they didn’t always have it in the best chassis when they were really supporting McLaren, but as soon as it went into the Brawn, it won a championship. No, I wouldn’t have anticipated it.

“Perhaps more importantly, I wouldn’t have anticipated how long it’s taken for the others to catch up.  They have caught up now. I think Mercedes would even say Ferrari have gone ahead. But it surprised me how long that’s taken.”

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