Renault’s Pat Fry – A ‘Challenge’ to turn Fortunes Around

by Findlay Grant

Chassis technical director at Renault F1 Team, Pat Fry, has admitted it will be more difficult to turn things around for the French outfit, compared to his previous role with the McLaren F1 Team.

After making the move to Renault earlier this month, Fry was praised for helping his former employers at Woking become competitive once again. However, he feels he would need to do more if he is going to help Renault do the same.

“I think the challenge is different,” Fry is quoted as saying by “I think McLaren had a few specific problems that were not simple to fix but there were some low-hanging fruit, I guess.

“I’ve only been here for a few days now, so I think that there are lots of things we need to be doing and reviewing. It’s too early to see exactly where we are.

“There are lots of good people and lots of good tools. You need that right combination of the best tools, the best people and the best methodologies to actually develop.”

Although Fry will have a say in the development of both this and next year’s cars, his main focus will be to make sure their infrastructure is good enough to get themselves higher up on the grid.

“I want to try and make sure that we’re set up with all the right tools: and motor racing is fairly simple,” he said. “It’s good tools, good people, good methodologies, and then time.

“You’ve got to get all those things working. You need all three and you need everyone to be collaborative to work together. I think that is key to making it work. The car programme, I am only just getting into it really.

“I’m trying to have a quick look at all the areas to see where I think my time is best spent to start with. McLaren was a bit different because it was just going for a fix of that particular car,” Fry concluded.

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