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Tost credits Red Bull for the Development of AlphaTauri

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Credit: Scuderia AlphaTaurni / Francois Nel

Team principal of Scuderia AlphaTauri Franz Tost explained that being the sister team and having a relationship with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Honda has been beneficial for the team’s performance.

Last season would become Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda’s last season before the change of the name for the upcoming 2020 FIA Formula 1 Championship season.

The team were able to finish in sixth in the Constructors championship during the 2019 FIA Formula 1 Championship with the pairing of Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly, who will stay at the team in this upcoming season.

Tost has suggested that the ties with Red Bull were part of the reason they were able to have a stronger season and is hoping to continue the development with them. The team, even took podiums at the Brazilian Grand Prix, with Gasly who came second, and with Kvyat at the German Grand Prix as Kvyat came in third.

He explained to “There is absolutely no doubt that the performance we have shown was a result to a very high percentage coming from the synergies with Red Bull Technology,

Because you must not forget that Red Bull Technology has most of the experienced engineers on their side, and for me this is maybe the best technical office or at least on a very high level with the three top teams. And we can only profit out of this synergy, and therefore we do it.”

Tost explained in more detail saying: “We will get the complete rear end from them once more [in 2020]. Even if it’s one year old, because we are running the rear end and front suspension which Red Bull Racing raced last year.”

But nevertheless, this is a higher advantage for us than if we do it ourselves, because we have neither the financial resources nor the engineers. We can then concentrate in other areas where we can improve the performance. We are all not slowing down,” he said.

The Team Principle, made it clear that he does not know where his team will be this year, as he said it will depend on the other midfield teams and how their development has gone over the offseason. For 2020 Honda will also be bring a new package which will help the team.

I hope that we will speed up more than the others! It depends how competitive the new car will be, and how much progress also Honda will come up with. But generally speaking we should have quite a good package because the car now is on a certain level. We have two experienced drivers, and Honda will work very hard during the winter months to improve the performance.”

Tost explained, he felt this season would be difficult for them, as they at first bring a new car, but he made it clear the driver lineup is the best they can get and will produce a strong season to be able to help the car development.

It will become very difficult because you have to find the balance of the development of the car for 2020, but you also must not forget to be concentrated on the research and development for the 2021 car.

And this depends also on the financial resources which you have. And of course, the three top teams have a big advantage. We know this, but nevertheless, we will push very hard to hopefully come up in 2020 with a good car, and also in 2021. From the experience side we have the best driver line-up ever,

It always depends on the situation. It could be that in 2021 we’ll have a young driver in the team. Currently it’s not necessary.”

I think currently, we’re in a better position to keep these drivers because if something happens at Red Bull Racing, they can take an experienced driver from us. And this is quite a position where you can start to work from. It’s exactly what Red Bull wants to achieve, it is to be flexible.

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