F1 teams attempt to push back 2021 rule changes

by Findlay Grant

Formula 1 teams are trying to convince the FIA to postpone the major rule changes set for 2021, and to use this year’s set of rules instead, due to the uncertainty of coronavirus.

In a conference call, the team principals considered several scenarios, including ceasing development of key components including chassis and gearboxes, and also other mechanical parts, as well as using the same technical regulations.

Nine out of ten teams agreed with the proposed changes, while Scuderia Ferrari wanted more time to weigh up the consequences.

A second call will be held on Thursday with Chase Carey and Ross Brawn, and Jean Todt, president of the FIA.

Not changing the regulations is a reasonable step taken due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, with questions surrounding when the season will get underway or how many races will run.

Races which are called off have a direct financial impact on the teams, which could also affect future sponsorship deals. However, this does not apply to Monaco as they aren’t required to pay a hosting fee.

There is also the chance that if car manufacturers suffer a financial loss, questions may be asked of their associated F1 teams regarding why they are still fielding cars.

Keeping the current regulations in place would mean tyre manufacturer Pirelli would have another year to develop their 18-inch tyres, their development already have suffered setbacks.

If the existing technical regulations are carried over to next year, some other planned changes – such as shorter race weekends, could still be used, alongside a complete overhaul of financial regulations.

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