Ferrari, Red Bull and Alfa Romeo show support for early F1 Summer shut down

by Ellie Jane

Scuderia Ferrari, Red Bull Racing and Alfa Romeo Racing, have all shown their support of Formula 1’s choice to bring forward the summer break, which usually takes place in August of the F1 season.

Ferrari, Red Bull and Alfa Romeo, have issued statements, explaining they will shut their factories from the 19 March to the 8 April, as they showed support for an early summer break which was planned for after the Hungarian Grand Prix. It will also see the break shortened from twenty-one days to fourteen.

Due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 outbreak, there was already postponement and cancellations of the first four Grands Prix of the FIA 2020 Formula 1 World Championship, which has now been extended to include Netherlands, Spain and Monaco.

Ferrari, who are based in Italy, one of the worst effect areas by the pandemic, explained via a statement:

We are just as disappointed as our fans that we cannot be racing, as we have done for over 70 years, but when confronted by a situation as serious as this one,

it is vital that we follow the advice of the authorities and limit all activities as much as possible in order to contain the virus as efficiently as possible.

Alfa Romeo, were one of the other three teams to show support, as they made a brief statement, explaining the team of Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi will close.

Red Bull also said via statement, that safety from the virus came first:

Whilst we would all love to return to racing, the severity of this global pandemic is changing by the hour and the impact transcends our sport. 

We therefore agree with the measures being taken to reduce the risk of transmission and will support any further race postponements that are deemed necessary.

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