Rally Sweden invites municipalities in Norrbotten to apply to host in 2022

by Pontus Lindroos

The Swedish municipalities Boden, Kalix, Luleå and Piteå have now been invited to apply to host Rally Sweden in 2022 when the current contract expires; the event which is the biggest in Sweden with over 200,000 visitors each year.

This year’s edition of Rally Sweden which was held as the second round of the 2020 FIA World Rally Championship and is the only winter round of the season, saw reduced stages as the mild weather at the current location of Värmland. The competition has always been held there but this can be changed for 2022 as the organizers are looking new location where snow is guaranteed.

“We have no choice since Värmland has used its credibility in delivering snow and we have to show that we are acting on something that makes sense” Glenn Olsson, told P4 Värmland.

“Getting this huge annual event here would put us even more on the map as a region at the forefront, and it would create very nice opportunities for our entrepreneurs and associations.” Claes Nordmark from Boden Municipal Council, told to Pitea.se

Credit: M-Sport

“It would be hugely important for this region if the Swedish Rally ended up here,” Tommy Nilsson from Kalix Municipal Council, said.

Rally Sweden organizers are currently investigating what commercial, sporting and visitor-related conditions the four municipalities have to offer. The event have over 100,000,000 global TV viewers as well as 300,000 followers on the social media.

We see this as a fantastic opportunity to use our experience and our knowledge of organizing major sporting and public events even during the winter seasonAnders Lundkvist from Piteå Municipal Council, said.

“I am proud that Luleå, together with the neighboring municipalities, have been asked to host the Swedish WRC rally. If it were to end up here, it would mean a great deal to the local business community and the hospitality industry in particular,” Lenita Ericsson from Luleå Municipal Council, said.

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