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Toby Price scores maiden SST win in Townsville Race 1

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Toby Price has raced in the Stadium Super Trucks since the inaugural trip to Australia in 2015, but luck always seemed to go against him, from his three runner-up finishes at Adelaide to leading the most laps at Gold Coast in 2019 before being spun in the final corners. Six years after his d├ębut and in his first run at the Townsville 500, the Dakar Rally star has finally won his first SST race.

Price, racing his first Boost Mobile Super Trucks weekend of 2021, started third after qualifying in the position on Friday while Fastest Qualifier Shae Davies was on the pole. A fairly sluggish start for the front starters enabled series newcomer Phillip Foster and Trav Milburn to spring to the lead with Rob Whyte in tow, though Foster fell back and Whyte would lead the first three laps.

As Whyte led the first three circuits, Price followed Milburn into podium range before taking second before the lap four competition caution. At the restart, Price and Davies carried enough momentum to overtake Milburn as they approached turn one.

Davies began pursuing Price, who was consistently turning the fastest laps of the day, while Milburn followed as the top three began to isolate themselves from the field. Although Davies narrowed the gap and attempted a move on lap eight, the effort backfired as Price kept him at bay and ultimately re-increased the margin.

Having built a safe cushion over Davies, Price drove off to his first career victory and sixth podium finish. Davies settled for second to record his sixth consecutive podium, while Milburn notched career podium #3.

Despite leading four laps, Whyte finished seventh. Foster did not complete the race due to a broken right axle after eight of nine laps.

The second race of the weekend will take place later today at 11:55 AM AEST. Race #3 is scheduled for Sunday, 11 July, at 11:25 AM.

Race results

FinishStartNumberDriverLaps CompletedStatus
1387Toby Price9Running
2188Shae Davies9Running
3670Trav Milburn9Running
4267Paul Morris9Running
5550Paul Weel9Running
6412Shaun Richardson9Running
7711Rob Whyte9Running
88121Dave Casey9Running
9966Phillip Foster8DNF
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