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Bruno Senna Joins Airspeeder as Racing Pilot and Global Ambassador

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Credit: Chris Taylor/ Airspeeder

It appears there is no category that Bruno Senna can’t race in, as the Brazilian is announced as one of the world’s first electric flying car pilots, after joining Airspeeder!

Senna, who has raced most notably in Formula 1, Formula E, FIA World Endurance Championship as well as being a World eX race winner, has been announced as a racing development pilot and global ambassador for Airspeeder, the creator of the world’s first racing series for electric flying cars. The first EXA race is set to be announced imminently, Senna will be joining a strong list of pilots, which will include one of Australia’s leading female racing drivers and also a Drone Champions League racer.

The racing will at first be remotely piloted, before eventually becoming a fully crewed racing series from 2023 and beyond. Senna will play a key role in the development of the sport and the technical and dynamic development of the Speeders that will take part in it.

Matt Pearson, Founder, Alauda Aeronautics and Airspeeder is very proud to have Senna onboard and believes the Brazilian brings an unrivalled pedigree to the championship.

“We are proud that Bruno Senna has chosen to join the Airspeeder family as a racing and development pilot. Throughout his career he has demonstrated his incredible prowess as a pure out-and-out racer. However, Bruno is also a world-class developer of racing vehicles who is fascinated with advancing cutting-edge technologies.

“His work competing and improving vehicles in F1, Formula E, eSports and Drone Flying equip him perfectly to drive the world’s most exciting and progressive new form of motorsport. Our forthcoming EXA races represent the perfect marriage of these sports and Bruno brings to Airspeeder one of the most evocative names in global motorsport and an unrivalled pedigree in technically developing a range of racing vehicles by competing at the absolute limit.”  

Senna himself is extremely fascinated by what Airspeeder stands for and what they are aiming to achieve, the Brazilian can’t wait to be involved in the future of racing.

“I could not resist the opportunity to approach Airspeeder to be part of this incredible sport. In doing so I am proud to shape the world’s first racing series for electric flying racing cars. Airspeeder combines my passions for racing, flying and being part of the development of cutting-edge technology. I cannot wait to take control of these incredible vehicles and show the world the potential of a true next generation motorsport.

“At my core I am a racer but I’m also a passionate technologist. I’ve been fascinated about the world-changing potential of the rapidly coming advanced air mobility revolution. As an Airspeeder pilot, I’m enormously excited to shape the place and space for the industry to rapidly develop the hardware and digital technologies that will deliver on the promise of electric flying cars.

“This is a role that motorsport has played from the start of the automobile age and I am proud to be echoing my racing forebears in pioneering a mobility revolution in the furnace of sporting competition.” 

Credit: Will Bibb/ Airspeeder

Senna is known for having an enormous interest in UAV flying and development, he also works on modifications for drones in his spare time and is fascinated by the technical improvements that can be made through modifications and upgrades. Putting all these ingredients together makes him the perfect ambassador for Airspeeder not only now but for the future.

In his initial role as a development pilot, Senna will work with the company’s leading team of engineers. They form Aluada Aeronautics (also founded by Matt Pearson), the designers and manufacturers of the Speeders that will take part in EXA and Airspeeder racing series. The company themselves hold some impressive pedigree, including a multi-F1 World Championship winning Ferrari composites engineer and senior talent from the development of hypercars at McLaren. That isn’t all, the company also possesses senior Project Leaders from Airbus, Boeing and Rolls-Royce.  

Senna is keen to use the skills he has learnt as racing driver and incorporate them into Airspeeders, to make the racing as exciting as possible.

“It’s fascinating when you consider racing with the added vertical dimension. As a driver, I’m excited to re-define racing lines, overtaking approaches and pit strategy within this highly dynamic environment. We are even considering how best to approach different dynamic conditions when following closely in preparation for an overtake.

“As Airspeeder pilots we are not limited by the same challenges of ‘dirty air’ when following closely. This will make for close, compelling and ultimately gripping racing for fans, whether they are coming to motorsport for the first time or are life-long followers of car racing.” 

In his role Senna will also play a pivotal part in training the pilots at a level similar to an F1 driver, this comes as no surprise as the EXA Racing Series will see elite pilots fly full sized Mk3 Speeders blade-to-blade at speeds of up to 200km/h. The Speeders that will participate in Airspeeder races will boast the same rapid hairpin-turning capability as a Formula 1 car. With the added dimension of vertical movement, pilots will eventually pull more than 6G. A figure comparable with the hardest rigours of more traditional motorsport. Senna’s experience will be invaluable to preparing EXA pilots for these conditions as they graduate through to crewed racing. 

The Brazilian and his fellow racers will speed across tracks presented to them utilising augmented reality technology presented to pilots on advanced Head Up Displays (HUD). This will then be relayed to viewers through a true pilot’s perspective, bringing a new dimension and perspective to the fans.

It will become one of the most sustainable forms of motorsport around today, with there being no need to build the normally highly impactful infrastructure traditional racing demands. The Senna name continues to be a leading figure in world motosport!

Credit: YouTube @Airspeeder
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