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Ganassi penalty gives RXR win in Island X Prix 1

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Chip Ganassi Racing looked to have their first Extreme E win of 2023 in the bag at the first Island X Prix race day on Saturday. Rosberg X Racing walked away with their first of the year instead.

Although RJ Anderson and Amanda Sorensen were the first to cross the finish in the Grand Final, they were dealt a 15.7-second time penalty for making too quick of a driver switch. To ensure safe swaps, teams are required spend at least 45 seconds completing the procedure, but CGR did so in 44.3 seconds. The 0.7-second difference added to the default fifteen seconds for the penalty.

This consequently dropped them to third behind RXR and ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team. Despite dominating in 2022 and winning the title the year before, RXR had stumbled to start the 2023 season, finishing third in both Desert X Prix races with penalties taking away the Race #1 win, followed by being at the bottom of the two Grand Finals in Scotland. Although they won a heat on Saturday, the difficulties seemed to continue when Johan Kristoffersson had a poor start to the Grand Final and crashed into bushes. Fortunately for him, he was able to rebound.

The win is RXR’s third in Sardinia after winning the 2021 edition and the second in 2022. RXR would have swept the 2022 doubleheader had it not been for penalties that dropped them to fifth.

“I came to a complete stop because I didn’t know if there were any stones in the bush, but I made it out,” said Kristoffersson. “My tactic after that was to drive as fast as I could, and I managed to pick up the pace.”

With their runner-up, ACCIONA | Sainz took over the points lead from Veloce Racing. The latter missed the Grand Final but salvaged points by winning the Redemption Race.

ABT CUPRA XE‘s run to the Grand Final was marred by a tyre puncture on the opening lap, preventing Sébastien Loeb and Klara Andersson from making much progress. Loeb, the defending XE champion, was racing as substitute to Nasser Al-Attiyah while the latter competed in the Italian Baja; Al-Attiyah had his own problems on Saturday as he received a two-minute epenalty for not following the roadbook and missing a waypoint.

Andretti XE failed to finish after Catie Munnings suffered a massive roll as RXR’s Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinksy passed her.

Grand Final results

FinishNumberTeamTotal TimeDriver #1Driver #2
16Rosberg X Racing9:14.533Johan KristofferssonMikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky
255ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team9:16.143Mattias EkströmLaia Sanz
399GMC Hummer EV Chip Ganassi Racing9:29.256*RJ AndersonAmanda Sorensen
4125ABT CUPRA XE11:49.023Sébastien LoebKlara Andersson
523Andretti ALTAWKILAT Extreme EDNFTimmy HansenCatie Munnings
* – Received a penalty

Redemption Race results

FinishNumberTeamTotal TimeDriver #1Driver #2
15Veloce Racing8:52.483Kevin HansenMolly Taylor
258NEOM McLaren XE8:53.833Tanner FoustEmma Gilmour
344X44 Vida Carbon Racing9:02.357Fraser McConnellCristina Gutiérrez
48Carl Cox Motorsport9:14.376*Timo ScheiderLia Block
522JBXEDNFAndreas BakkerudHedda Hosås

Qualifying results

Round #1

Heat #1

FinishNumberTeamTotal TimeDriver #1Driver #2
16Rosberg X Racing8:41.725Johan KristofferssonMikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky
2125ABT CUPRA XE8:44.046Sébastien LoebKlara Andersson
38Carl Cox Motorsport8:56.664Timo ScheiderLia Block
422JBXE8:58.678Andreas BakkerudHedda Hosås
544X44 Vida Carbon Racing9:18.029*Fraser McConnellCristina Gutiérrez

Heat #2

FinishNumberTeamTotal TimeDriver #1Driver #2
123Andretti ALTAWKILAT Extreme E8:37.468Timmy HansenCatie Munnings
255ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team8:46.773Mattias EkströmLaia Sanz
399GMC Hummer EV Chip Ganassi Racing8:56.697RJ AndersonAmanda Sorensen
45Veloce Racing9:20.441Kevin HansenMolly Taylor
558NEOM McLaren XE10:26.375Tanner FoustEmma Gilmour

Round #2

Heat #1

FinishNumberTeamTotal TimeDriver #1Driver #2
155ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team8:41.327Laia SanzMattias Ekström
26Rosberg X Racing8:44.767Mikaela Åhlin-KottulinskyJohan Kristoffersson
35Veloce Racing8:47.461Molly TaylorKevin Hansen
444X44 Vida Carbon Racing8:49.680Cristina GutiérrezFraser McConnell
58Carl Cox Motorsport8:58.682Lia BlockTimo Scheider

Heat #2

FinishNumberTeamTotal TimeDriver #1Driver #2
199GMC Hummer EV Chip Ganassi Racing8:53.300Amanda SorensenRJ Anderson
223Andretti ALTAWKILAT Extreme E8:59.984Catie MunningsTimmy Hansen
3125ABT CUPRA XE9:02.260Klara AnderssonSébastien Loeb
458NEOM McLaren XE9:05.315Emma GilmourTanner Foust
522JBXE9:14.720Hedda HosåsAndreas Bakkerud
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