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2024 Red Bull Scramble begins with Sand Scramble in Glamis

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Credit: Jeff Dojillo/Red Bull Content Pool

Season 2 of the Red Bull Scramble kicked off Saturday in the dunes of Glamis. Although many faces ranging from World Rally-Raid Championship stars Seth Quintero and Austin Jones to the great Robby Gordon and his son Max Gordon headlined the card, newly minted Red Bull athlete and real estate agent Corbin Leaverton came out on top.

Leaverton, who won the Red Bull High Desert Scramble and the Best In The Desert Trophy Unlimited title alongside Cody Bradbury in 2023, continued his momentum into 2024 by winning the Pro class final ahead of pole-sitter Chase Carr and Shawn Saxton. Carr had dominated the race by leading the first four laps before Leaverton passed him on the final circuit to score the win.

Jones, two weeks removed from winning the Challenger class at the W2RC’s Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, placed fifth. He narrowly edged out Michael McFayden for the top-five finish, the latter a new Honda Factory Off-Road Racing Talon driver; McFayden’s colleague Ethan Ebert, who races the team’s Honda Ridgeline in SCORE International competition, retired from the final.

“I’m super familiar with this area because I do a lot for Dakar and Abu Dhabi out here in these dunes,” said Jones. “I’ve been here a lot but I’ve never done a race here. The course that they set up was absolutely insane. It was the perfect mix of really fast and fun and a little bit of sketchy to keep everyone honest.”

The Gordon family, entering their first Scramble Series race, had mixed results. Robby finished third in his heat race while Max was forced to retire from his when the belt came off his SPEED UTV. The younger Gordon’s final then ended on the opening lap when his rear tyre clipped a dune and sent him into a roll. Robby stopped to check on Max and another driver who crashed the same lap, costing him approximately forty-five seconds. Max avoided injury while the car remained in relatively good condition with most of the damage being to the trailing arm.

Quintero finished second in the heat but mechanical trouble relegated him to fourteenth in the final. The reigning W2RC Challenger champion was making his return to driving a UTV, having moved up to a Toyota Hilux for the 2024 season.

Kaden Isobella won the Sportsman final for amateur racers.

With Glamis out of the way, the Honda drivers now turn their attention to Saturday’s SCORE season-opening San Felipe 250 while the Gordons continue developing their SPEED UTV marque and gear up for the Stadium Super Trucks opener at Long Beach in April. Quintero and Jones rejoin the W2RC next month in Portugal.

The second round of the 2024 Red Bull Scramble, the Ranch Scramble in Texas, is on 4 May.

Final results


FinishStartDriverLapsTotal TimeMargin
114Corbin Leaverton515:29.298Leader
21Chase Carr515:34.538+ 5.061
32Shawn Saxton515:50.959+ 21.66
43Ryan White516:30.924+ 1:01.626
58Austin Jones516:59.546+ 1:30.248
67Michael McFayden517:01.098+ 1:31.800
75Chance Gibson517:35.491+ 2:06.193
89Mia Chapman518:24.871+ 2:55.573
96Robby Gordon518:26.858+ 2:57.560
1011Daniel Friel518:39.667+ 3:10.369
1110Jerret Kiser415:30.189+ 1 Lap
1216Blake Malgren415:55.887+ 1 Lap
1312John Barnes415:58.075+ 1 Lap
144Seth Quintero27:32.193+ 3 Laps
1513Sebastian Marquez14:18.605+ 4 Laps
1618Max Gordon0DNF+ 5 Laps
1715Ethan Ebert0DNF+ 5 Laps
1817Martin Legare0DNF+ 5 Laps


FinishStartDriverLapsTotal TimeMargin
19Kaden Isobella516:42.586Leader
27Maddie Wroeking516:45.380+ 2.794
31Devin Smith517:06.299+ 23.714
411Mitch Wise517:18.601+ 36.015
53Landon McMath517:20.020+ 37.434
616Dallin Hymas517:50.777+ 1:08.191
712Jim Bradbury517:51.039+ 1:08.453
836Tyler Beranan518:03.705+ 1:21.119
928Jared Van Schyndel518:04.013+ 1:21.427
1017Zach Lange518:04.775+ 1:22.188
1132Kurt Schupe518:37.188+ 1:54.602
1223Kyle Litten518:48.489+ 2:05.904
1315Matt Smith519:05.670+ 2:23.084
1426Kyler Lee519:22.807+ 2:40.221
1524Mavrik Groff519:23.722+ 2:41.136
1638Michael Werd519:40.523+ 2:57.937
1734Daniel Loredo520:07.513+ 3:24.928
1821Richard Covarrubias413:53.939+ 1 Lap
1927Justin Alexander418:48.961+ 1 Lap
208Logan Smith418:49.073+ 1 Lap
214Paul Driscoll419:19.875+ 1 Lap
2229Brock Cress310:26.345+ 2 Laps
2330John Lavender31058.959+ 2 Laps
2422Derek McCann311:34.528+ 2 Laps
2513Christopher Moeller311:37.710+ 2 Laps
266Mike Meyers322:32.354+ 2 Laps
272Matt Lasher26:43.797+ 3 Laps
285Joash Sollenberger27:03.554+ 3 Laps
2910Bret Hanenberg27:48.205+ 3 Laps
3031Greg Wright27:59.166+ 3 Laps
3118Matt Duhamell13:59.475+ 4 Laps
3237Jake Rothey14:12.893+ 4 Laps
3325Susan Rounds14:31.537+ 4 Laps
3435Philipa Vazquez14:36.112+ 4 Laps
3514Steve Geist0DNF+ 5 Laps
3619Wyatt Lange0DNF+ 5 Laps
3720Garnet Hobbs0DNF+ 5 Laps
3833Travis Christopher0DNF+ 5 Laps
3939Ray Miranda0DNF+ 5 Laps
4040Derrick Wruble0DNF+ 5 Laps

Heat results


Heat #1

FinishStartDriverLapsTotal TimeMargin
15Shawn Saxton39:41.801Leader
29Seth Quintero39:59.396+ 17.595
36Chance Gibson310:00.230+ 18.428
43Michael McFayden310:02.637+ 20.837
57Jerret Kiser311:01.621+ 1:19.821
64John Barnes311:08.533+ 1:26.733
72Sebastian Marquez27:24.833+ 1 Lap
88Max Gordon0DNF+ 3 Laps
91Martin Legare0DNF+ 3 Laps

Heat #2

FinishStartDriverLapsTotal TimeMargin
16Chase Carr39:16.474Leader
21Ryan White39:43.667+ 27.193
35Robby Gordon310:03.264+ 46.790
48Austin Jones310:27.930+ 1:11.456
57Mia Chapman310:49.381+ 1:32.907
63Daniel Friel310:52.437+ 1:35.962
72Corbin Leaverton19:30.312+ 2 Laps
84Blake Malgren0DNF+ 3 Laps
99Ethan Ebert0DNF+ 3 Laps


Heat #1

FinishStartDriverLapsTotal TimeMargin
15Matt Lasher310:38.453Leader
22Maddie Wroeking310:42.516+ 4.064
36Steve Geist311:46.224+ 1:07.772
48Matt Duhamell311:46.428+ 1:07.976
59Kyle Litten312:30.162+ 1:51.710
64Jared Van Schyndel312:42.715+ 2:04.263
77Travis Christopher28:01.982+ 1 Lap
83Bryan Arce28:59.466+ 1 Lap
91James Wilson0DNF+ 3 Laps

Heat #2

FinishStartDriverLapsTotal TimeMargin
13Landon McMath310:45.890Leader
21Logan Smith310:46.691+ .802
38Christopher Moeller311:39.978+ 54.089
42Wyatt Lange312:13.525+ 1:27.635
59Susan Rounds313:20.241+ 2:34.351
67John Lavender14:27.294+ 2 Laps
74Philipa Vazquez15:17.146+ 2 Laps
85Gerardo Carranza0DNF+ 3 Laps
96Dylan Silva0DNF+ 3 Laps

Heat #3

FinishStartDriverLapsTotal TimeMargin
11Paul Driscoll310:50.032Leader
24Kaden Isobella310:50.980+ .949
32Jim Bradbury310:58.958+ 8.926
46Dallin Hymas311:02.530+ 12.498
58Derek McCann311:26.527+ 36.495
610Kyler Lee311:27.544+ 37.513
79Greg Wright311:31.064+ 41.033
85Ray Miranda312:26.405+ 1:36.374
97Jake Rothey27:52.906+ 1 Lap
103Derrick Wruble214:01.416+ 1 Lap

Heat #4

FinishStartDriverLapsTotal TimeMargin
14Joash Sollenberger310:54.169Leader
27Bret Hanenberg311:41.294+ 47.125
39Matt Smith311:54.396+ 1:00.228
43Garnet Hobbs312:32.996+ 1:38.828
55Mavrik Groff313:01.190+ 2:07.022
62Brock Cress313:08.853+ 2:14.685
76Daniel Loredo213:06.962+ 1 Lap
810Jesús Hernandez28:28.633+ 1 Lap
98Lance Robinson14:07.759+ 2 Laps
101Justin Peterson19:33.706+ 2 Laps

Heat #5

FinishStartDriverLapsTotal TimeMargin
18Devin Smith310:37.246Leader
25Mike Meyers310:38.788+ 1.542
310Mitch Wise310:46.879+ 9.634
42Zach Lange311:06.327+ 29.081
51Richard Covarrubias311:07.612+ 30.366
64Justin Alexander311:35.074+ 57.829
79Kurt Schupe312:09.472+ 1:32.227
87Michael Wed312:20.157+ 1:42.912
93Tyler Beranan29:19.150+ 1 Lap
106Brock Harper0DNF+ 3 Laps
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