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2024 Desafio Ruta 40: 115 on entry list

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Credit: Julien Delfosse/DPPI

The second edition of the revived Desafío Ruta 40 will have a triple-digit grid in Argentina as 29 FIA cars, 54 FIM bikes and quads, 17 Open teams, and 15 Desafío Ansenuza navigation-based competitors take the stage.

Nasser Al-Attiyah will seek to defend his 2023 win as one of nine Ultimate entries. Every entrant is a T1+ regulation car, all the big three of Toyota, Prodrive, or Mini.

Conversely, Mitch Guthrie is not entered in Challenger, meaning the class will see a new winner with Rokas Baciuška headlining the twelve. Nicolás Cavigliasso, set to overtake the absent Austin Jones for second in points, hopes to close the World Rally-Raid Championship gap to Baciuška at his home event.

Ricardo Ramilo was the highest finishing W2RC driver in SSV at the 2023 edition and hopes to do the same among the seven.

Eleven bikes comprise RallyGP as full-timers Hero MotoSports and Monster Energy Honda Rally Team finally have more company, with two of Pierer Mobility Group’s W2RC marques GasGas and Husqvarna set to return led by reigning champion Luciano Benavides; the two brands have not appeared in the series since the season-opening Dakar Rally in January. His brother Kevin would have represented KTM in Argentina but got hurt while training in early May.

Rally2’s Michael Docherty will also sit out the race with injury. Romain Dumontier and Bradley Cox are separated by just three points in the class standings while Konrad Dąbrowski is breathing down their necks, eleven points back. Twenty-two bikes are in the category for Argentina.

Three riders make up Rally3.

The Quads, still reeling from their exclusion from the 2025 Dakar Rally, will once again have the highest turnout of the season as South America comes out swinging with seventeen riders led by their Argentina compatriot and Dakar winner Manuel Andújar.

The race runs on 1–7 June.

FIA entry list


200Nasser Al-AttiyahÉdouard BoulangerNasser RacingProdrive HunterT1+
202Yazeed Al-RajhiTimo GottschalkOverdrive RacingToyota Hilux OverdriveT1+
203Lucas MoraesArmand MonleónToyota Gazoo RacingToyota GR DKR HiluxT1+
206Seth QuinteroDennis ZenzToyota Gazoo RacingToyota GR DKR HiluxT1+
207Cristian BaumgartGustavo GugelminX Rally TeamProdrive HunterT1+
208Denis KrotovKonstantin ZhiltsovOverdrive RacingToyota Hilux OverdriveT1+
209Juan Cruz YacopiniDaniel OliverasOverdrive RacingToyota Hilux OverdriveT1+
210Marcos BaumgartKleber CinceaX Rally TeamProdrive HunterT1+
211Sebastián HalpernBernardo GraueX-raid Mini JCW TeamMini John Cooper Works Rally PlusT1+


300Rokas BaciuškaSébastien DelaunayCan-Am Factory TeamCan-Am Maverick X3
302Nicolás CavigliassoValentina PertegariniTaurus B.V.Taurus T3 Max
303Marcelo GastaldiCarlos SachsBBR MotorsportTaurus T3 Max
306Dania AkeelStéphane DupléBBR MotorsportTaurus T3 Max
308David ZilleSebastian CesanaTaurus B.V.Taurus T3 Max
309Puck Klaassen*Augusto SanzTaurus B.V.Taurus T3 Max
311Lucas Del Rio*Bruno JacomyTeam ChileCan-Am Maverick X3
312Hernán Garcés*Juan Pablo LatrachSouth Racing Can-AmCan-Am Maverick X3
313Nazareno López*Lisandro SisternaBBR MotorsportTaurus T3 Max
314Nadia Lafuente*Maria UribeACT RallyCan-Am Maverick X3
315Juan Carlos Cerda*Alvaro Juan Leon QuintanillaTerraCop RallyCan-Am Maverick X3
316Oscar Santos*Mirna PereiraSantos RacingCan-Am Maverick X3
317Sandro Peppi*Raimundo PeppiTeam ChileCan-Am Maverick X3


400Yasir SeaidanMichaël MetgeRace World TeamCan-Am Maverick XRS Turbo RR
401Sebastián GuayasamínFernando AcostaBE RacingCan-Am Maverick XRS Turbo RR
402Ricardo RamiloFausto MotaScuderia RamiloCan-Am Maverick XRS Turbo RR
403Rebecca BusiSergio LafuenteOnlyFans RacingCan-Am Maverick XRS Turbo RR
407Claude FournierSerge GounonMMP CompétitionCan-Am Maverick XRS Turbo RR
409Enrico GaspariCesare RicklerTH-Trucks TeamPolaris RZR Pro R
414Rodrigo Luppi de Oliveira*Maykel JustoLuppi RacingCan-Am Maverick XRS Turbo RR

FIM entry list


1Luciano Benavides*Husqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna 450 Rally Factory
4Sam Sunderland*Red Bull GasGas Factory RacingGasGas 450 Rally Factory
5Daniel Sanders*Red Bull GasGas Factory RacingGasGas 450 Rally Factory
7Pablo QuintanillaMonster Energy Honda Rally TeamHonda CRF450 Rally
9Ricky BrabecMonster Energy Honda Rally TeamHonda CRF450 Rally
10Skyler HowesMonster Energy Honda Rally TeamHonda CRF450 Rally
11José Ignacio CornejoHero MotoSportsHero 450 Rally
14Sebastian BühlerHero MotoSportsHero 450 Rally
42Adrien Van BeverenMonster Energy Honda Rally TeamHonda CRF450 Rally
46Ross BranchHero MotoSportsHero 450 Rally
68Tosha SchareinaMonster Energy Honda Rally TeamHonda CRF450 Rally


16Romain DumontierTeam Dumontier RacingHonda CRF450 Rally
18Bradley CoxBAS World KTM Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory
19Ramiro Barco OlivaHero MotoSportsHero 450 Rally
20Jiří BrožBAS World KTM Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory
21Toby Hederics*BAS World KTM Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory
23Nathan Rafferty*BAS World KTM Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory
26Konrad DąbrowskiDUUST Rally TeamKTM 450 Rally Replica
31Alvaro Coppola*MED Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory
32David Casteu*Xraids ExperienceKTM 450 Rally Replica
33Carlos Malo Peña*MED Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory
43Ferran Zaragoza*Pedregà TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory
45Jatin Jain*Xraids ExperienceKove 450 Rally
54Abdul Tanveer*Xraids ExperienceKTM 450 Rally
58Robbie Wallace*Xraids ExperienceKTM 450 Rally Replica
63Jeremías Pascual*Pedregà TeamHusqvarna 450 Rally Replica
66Rolando Martinez*Xraids ExperienceKTM 450 Rally Replica
67John MedinaXraids ExperienceKTM 450 EXC-F
69Edgar Canet*Xraids ExperienceKTM 450 Rally
70José Pablo Curletto*Xraids ExperienceKTM 450 Rally
83Gustavo Milutín VilaMax Clean Rally TeamKTM 450 Rally
85Leonardo Cola*Leonardo ColaYamaha WR450F Rally
99Juan Santiago Rostan*Xraids ExperienceGasGas RX 450 F Replica
144Fabián von Thuengen*Fabián von ThuengenKTM 450 Rally Replica


34Fernando Hernández*MED Racing TeamHusqvarna FE Rally
36Eduardo Alan*MED Racing TeamBeta 430 RR
67John MedinaXraids ExperienceKTM 450 EXC-F


174Manuel Andújar7240 TeamYamaha Raptor 700R
175Wilson Fabian Cerón OchoaWilson Fabian Cerón OchoaYamaha Raptor 700
177Kamil WiśniewskiORLEN TeamYamaha Raptor 700
179Hani Al-NoumesiHani Al-NoumesiYamaha Raptor 700
180Giuliano Giordana*Giuliano GiordanaYamaha Raptor 700
181Leonardo Martinez SaucedoLeonardo Martinez SaucedoCan-Am Renegade
182Suany MartinezSuany MartinezCan-Am Renegade
183Emiliano Martí*Emiliano MartíYamaha Raptor 700
185Mariana Bennazar*Mariana BennazarYamaha Raptor YFM 700
186Marcelo MedeirosTaguatur Racing TeamYamaha Raptor 700R
187Ayelén Bogado*Ayelén BogadoYamaha Raptor YFM 700XX
188Facuno Viel*Viel TeamYamaha Raptor YFM 700
189Mariano Viel*Viel TeamYamaha Raptor YFM 700
190Cooper Van Vliet*Van Vliet RacingYamaha Raptor YFM 700
191Santiago Rostan*Pampa Rental Rally TeamCan-Am Renegade X XC 850
193Juan Carlos Carignani*Juan Carlos CarignaniYamaha Raptor YFM 700
194Alejandro Fantoni*Alejandro FantoniYamaha Raptor YFM 700



600Baltazar Frezze Pissoni* #MED Racing TeamSix Day Rally
601Matías Aranoa* #MED Racing TeamYamaha WR450F Rally
602Matias José Felippa* #Felippa TeamKawasaki KLX
603Julian Sanchez Dabin* #Max Clean Rally TeamHonda CRF450RX
604Marcelo Carozza* #MHC Team Enduro RallyHonda CRF450RX
# – Road to Dakar


620Ramon Nuñez*Juan Antonio CosiansiNuñez Rally TeamToyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D
621Federico Menichetti*Roberto NaiviritToyomec Sport RacingToyota Hilux SW4 4×4 SRV 3.0


650Jeremías Gonzalez Ferioli*Gonzalo RinaldiFerioli Racing TeamCan-Am Maverick X3
651Pablo Macua*Antonela FazziHV Racing TeamCan-Am Maverick X3
652Javier Vélez*Gonzalo MartinezGM MotorsportCan-Am Maverick X3
653Nicolas Zingoni* #Santiago HansonMEC TeamPolaris RZR Pro XP
654Álvaro Chicharro Gil*Claudio MorenoTeam ChileCan-Am Maverick X3
655Álvaro Chicharro Benavente*Vicente DagninoTeam ChileCan-Am Maverick X3
657Leandro Lopez* #Daniel Alberto LopezGVCan-Am Maverick X3
658Alfredo Olmedo*Daniel LópezOlmedo Racing TeamCan-Am Maverick X3
659Nicolas Gagliardi*Eugenio ArrietaFerioli Racing TeamPolaris RZR Pro XP
660Luis Casteblanco* #Andres SanchezGM MotorsportCan-Am Maverick X3

Desafío Ansenuza


700Gerardo Muttigliengo*
701Gustavo Milutín*
702Martin Mansilla*
703Marcos Laguno*
704Sebastián Reartes Neri*


720Mauro Melano*
721Leonardo Strusberg*
722Jorge Vazquez*
723Gaston Pando*
724Juan Pablo Diaz*
725Nicolas Ariznavarreta*
726Roberto Londero*
727Juan José Alcorta*


750Carlos Verza*T2-N
751Cleoris Manfre*T2-N


770Nicoals Stratico*Fernando Martinez
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