BTCC NGTC Specifications


  • 300+bhp 2-litre turbo-charged direct-injection engine with 'fly by wire' throttle control.
  • Low cost to develop, build, buy and maintain – either by teams and/or race engine-builders developing their own, or through lease/purchase of the TOCA-BTCC engine
  • Engine can be sourced from a manufacturers broad 'family' range, including subsidiary marques under their effective control.
  • Over-boost function and increased power output from 2013.


  • Xtrac 6 speed sequential-shift gearbox.
  • AP Racing carbon clutch.
  • Drive-train layout (i.e. front or rear wheel drive) as per base vehicle.


  • Full front sub-frame incorporating suspension, brakes, transmission and engine location that attaches to specified roll cage locations. Multi-adjustable double wishbone suspension with coil-over dampers.
  • Rear sub-frame that attaches to specified roll cage locations. Multi-adjustable double wishbone suspension with coil-over dampers.


  • 2,3,4 or 5 door of a minimum 4.4m length. (2 or 3 door cars must share the same basic body profile as the 4/5 door model).
  • Equalised width of 1875mm
  • Specified front aerodynamic device incorporating flat floor, apertures for radiator, brake cooling ducts, intercooler and side exits.
  • Specified rear wing profile
  • Stylised front & rear wheel-arch extensions.
  • Increased driver protection
  • Side exhaust permitted
  • 80 litre fuel tank
  • Base vehicle must be freely on sale in the UK through the manufacturers normal dealer network
  • Base vehicle weights, for front and rear-wheel drive, to be determined.


  • Specified 18” centre-lock wheel
  • Dunlop: 245 x 650 x R18


  • AP Racing specified package
  • AP Racing specified pedal-box


  • Cosworth Electronics specified package incorporating ECU, dash, data-logging and scrutineering logger.
  • Data channels limited to 16.
  • Common power management box and switch panels
  • Common wiring loom design

Target Price:

Complete car, less engine: £100,000
Engine: £25,000  5-10% price-shift possible, depending on final components used by each team

Introduction: Eligible from 2011. Performance parity will be maintained with current S2000 cars until 2013, after which time the performance level of the NGTC car will be increased.

  • Vince,

    Thanks for this. I’m not so good at keeping track at what’s eligible and what isn’t, so I’ll definitely be saving this somewhere for me to refer to.

    It’s interesting that 2,3,4 & 5 door cars will be allowed in, that certainly opens it up somewhat. Though it’s going to be a long two door car!