HiQ Enlist Drivers To Help Turn Brands Hatch Pink

British Touring Car Championship sponsors HiQ have enlisted the help of two young superstars to aid its efforts in fundraising for Breast Cancer Care.

BTCC drivers Paul O'Neill and Tom Chilton are backing HiQ's pledge to turn Brands Hatch pink for the season finale and they hope every will follow suit.

HiQ, who sponsor the teams championship, will be giving away Official pink caps in return for a donation to the Breast Cancer Care fund, as well as selling official pink T-shirts in the 'Positively Pink' area of the circuit.

HiQ have also laid on many other fun activates thought the day as the Brands Hatch festivities will compliment a month of 'Pink October' events for everyone at HiQ including a dedicated day of fundraising on October 13th at the head office in Birmingham.

Last year, fans of the BTCC helped HiQ raise £10,000 at Brands Hatch alone through kind hearted donations and even some individual efforts as well.

HiQ hope to raise £100,000, a milestone they set in 2009 and Paul O'Neill is hoping he can help.

“I remember all of the good work that HiQ did last year in 2009 and it is great that they will be at it again at Brands.

“I certainly don't mind wearing a pink hat for the cause!” he said.

HiQ's marketing manager Geraldine McGovern said: “We raised so much money last year and if we get a fraction of the sum we raised in 2009 we will be ecstatic.

“The supporters have always been a massive pillar of support for us at HiQ in everything we do, and it will just be great to see them all again as a thrilling season comes to a close.”

For more information about HiQ's Project Pink activities please click on www.hiqonline.co.uk/projectpink