Plato, MacDowall and Edwards Clean Up Before Championship Finale

Jason Plato may be in the running for the BTCC championship title as the series heads to Brands Hatch but just how good is he in a… bath?

In the lead up to the weekend Jason Plato, Alex MacDowall and commentator Ben Edwards took to the track at a disused airfield to take part in some challenges set by the Silverline Chevrolet team.

“Some of the challenges were bonkers,” said Edwards. “And for the first time in my career I got to commentate whilst sitting on the toilet…”

Even a task that would seem easy to most, changing a wheel on a BTCC car threw up problems for MacDowall after needing the services of Bernard the Paramedic.

“If it hadn't been for Bernard, I'd probably still be bleeding,” said Alex

Another task saw a few squashed cones as they were made to reverse the RML race transporter into a loading bay. Other tasks included blindfold driving around cardboard cutouts of the drivers and driving a 1928 Chevrolet National AB Tourer in an autotest alongside a Spark supermini.

An off-road course was also set out which saw them attempt to drive over two parrallel bars.

“At one point they even stopped filming this bit,” said Jason. “I was so determined to get it right that everyone fell asleep while I had my 39th attempt.”

The last challenge of the day saw the trio take to the track in a head-to-head race, Plato and MacDowall in baths and Edwards on the toilet!