Brands Hatch And Silverstone The Latest Stops For Menasheh Idafar

The ever more wintery weather is beginning to have an impact on the marathon off-season test schedule of F2 race Menasheh Idafar and the T-Sport team.

Brands Hatch and Silverstone were the latest stops for the British born Bahraini on the 17th and 18th November. Both days were effected by rain, Idafar spending the entire day at Brands Hatch on treaded tyres before only managing a few laps on slick rubber around Silverstone the following day.

Idafar is already confirmed with T-Sport for 2011 and for the day at Brands he was joined by his newly announced teammate at the team for next year – Yann Cunha. The pair were the only F3 runners at the Kent track on a day when the surface lacked grip, partly due to the application of a substance to the track that aimed to prevent freezing.

“We've had another couple of really good days in the car and although the conditions weren't ideal, we were able to work on some things,” said Idafar. “At Brands Hatch it was really slippery so that made things quite difficult but Silverstone was much better. Even though it was never fully dry, we did a lot of good work and did plenty of laps.”