New Points System For 2012 BTCC Season

British Touring Car Championship (Photo Credit:
British Touring Car Championship (Photo Credit:

Championship points will be awarded to the top 15 finishers in each British Touring Car race next season under a new, extended scoring system.

Previously only the top ten have claimed points towards the overall championship. Instead of being awarded 15 points for victory, 20 will be awarded under the new system, however, series director Alan Gow says little will change despite the additional rewards on offer.

“Fundamentally,” says Gow. “The new system doesn't really change that much as we've maintained the same spread of points between the top-ten placings as before. However, what this does is to give drivers outside of the top ten something extra to go for and is thus an extra reward for their efforts.”

The bonus points available for pole position, fastest lap and leading a lap will remain the same as throughout the 2011 campaign.

In addition to the overall the new system (see below for a full run down) will be employed for all the championships. The Independent Drivers' championship will be scored in the same way as the overall contest, save for bonus points, while the Independent Teams' title will be scored based on a team's best finisher.

Points for the HIQ Teams' title will be scored by a team's two best finishers. Manufacturers points will be awarded to the two cars nominated, with constructors having to nominate their chosen pair by 5pm on the day before qualifying for a weekend.

2012 British Touring Car Championship points system:
1st: 20 points 
2nd: 17 points
3rd: 15 points 
4th: 13 points 
5th: 11 points
6th: 10 points
7th: 9 points
8th: 8 points
9th: 7 points
10th: 6 points
11th: 5 points
12th: 4 points
13th: 3 points
14th: 2 points
15th: 1 point