McLaren Merchandise: The McLaren Sport Collection Jackets

McLaren HUGO BOSS Bomber Jacket
McLaren HUGO BOSS Bomber Jacket

The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team offers their fans a line of quality merchandise. The McLaren merchandise is grouped into collections and all of these collections feature well made items of the utmost style and craftsmanship. One collection that can be purchased from the McLaren shop is the McLaren Sport Collection.

The McLaren Sport Collection is made up of a line of men's fashion. The line features four different jackets, One of these is a HUGO BOSS bomber jacket. This item is a limited edition jacket to commemorate the 30 year partnership between McLaren racing and HUGO BOSS. The bomber jacket is quite sporty. It is made of two kinds of fabric: matte and shiny which provides an aesthetic contrast. This jacket was specifically designed for the McLaren Sport collection. Inside the jacket is an elegantly embroidered McLaren logo.

The two other jackets are quite similar in design and style. The major difference is in the colour of these jackets. Also by HUGO BOSS, these club style jackets also were designed just for McLaren and are in limited supply. The jacket features contrasting trim along the hem, sleeves and collar. The design of the jacket is rather minimalistic and comes in two colours: black or grey.

The fourth jacket in this collection is also a creation by HUGO BOSS. Dubbed a leisure jacket, this limited edition item is designed well with exceptional styling. The jacket is sporty but really lightweight. Designed in a biker style, the jacket includes leather details. The collar of the jack stands up and includes a strap. Detailing is impeccable in the design of this jacket. It includes topstitching along the sleeves, side and shoulders. This rounds out the look of McLaren's HUGO BOSS leisure jacket. The left sleeve of the leisure jacket includes the BOSS logo.