LIVE: British Touring Car Championship – Snetterton: Race 2

This blog will be automatically refreshed throughout race 2 of the British Touring Car Championship at Snetterton.

15:09What a race…will race three be just as entertaining?

15:09Jordan wins his first race of the year! Shedden second, ahead of Plato, Neal, Wrathall, Jackson, Onslow-Cole, Newsham, Wood, Aron Smith are your top ten. Wow.

15:08Wrathall runs wide, Neal is in fourth.

15:07Jordan, Shedden, Plato, Wrathall, Neal and Onslow-Cole now!

15:06CONTACT! Neal hits Plato, Plato gives him some back, and Jordan leads!

15:06The train of three Hondas are itching to get by.

15:05If Neal is going to pass Plato he’ll have to do it round the outside.

15:05Four for the lead! Shedden tries round the outside of Jordan at Montreal, Jordan fends him off. Great racing!

15:04Nose-to-tail now the leaders! Plato, Neal, Jordan – you could throw a blanket over them!

15:03Neal really close now…

15:02Plato and Neal are edging ahead of Jordan, who has Shedden to deal with. Wrathall has Onslow-Cole in close company.

15:01Shedden is on fire – the good kind, this time. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

15:00Newsham’s hunting down Jackson for 7th now.

14:59Shedden and Wrathall took quite a bit out of time of Neal and Jordan that lap.

14:58Newsham now into 8th – could a reverse grid be salvation after race one heartache?

14:57The run from the Bomb Hole to the final corner is where Neal really reins in the MG. Plato covers the line into Montreal.

14:56Neal is now right behind Plato’s bonnet – the MG really losing out through Coram.

14:55Onslow-Cole still running strongly in 6th, with Mat Jackson doing a great job in the new Focus in 7th.

14:54Shedden passes Wrathall, as Collard emerges from the pits.

14:53Neal passes Jordan as I type.

14:53Matt Neal really enjoying the lighter Civic now.

14:53Plato, Jordan and Neal are now right with each other – a three-way battle for the lead!

14:52Shedden’s challenging Wrathall.

14:51Onslow-Cole has been passed by Shedden. Jordan edging ever closer to Plato.

14:50Newsham and Aron Smith are swapping places, but Newsham takes 9th into the esses.

14:49Jordan is hounding Plato now. Welch had a puncture, while Newsham is now 10th.

14:48Wrathall made up for a bad start – kind 0f – by repassing the fast-starting Onslow-Cole.

14:48Newsham is up to 12th, while Shedden pressures Onslow-Cole.

14:47Plato leads Jordan, Wrathall, Neal, Onslow-Cole, Shedden, Mat Jackson, Wood, Foster and Aron Smith

14:46Wrathall and Welch get away very slowly.

14:45We are go!