LIVE: British Touring Car Championship – Snetterton: Race 3

This blog will be automatically refreshed throughout race 3 of the British Touring Car Championship at Snetterton.

17:53A great win for Dave Newsham, a very, very, popular success.

17:36Collard and Neal are battling it out over 9th. The Honda has it for now.

17:35Last lap!

17:35TOC himself is holding the gap back to Shedden to just over a second.

17:34Newsham was 3s ahead of TOC last time around. The gap is now 2.8s…TOC has a lot to do to deprive Newsham his first BTCC win.

17:32Wood’s retirement elevates Neal to 9th.

17:31TOC passes Wood. The chase is on! Wood has a gearbox problem.

17:30The two Vauxhalls are lapping in the mid-2ms, whereas the chasing pack are low 2ms, or high 1m59s…

17:29Neal is 10th, rather.

17:29Austin muscles his way past Collard, but then Neal pushes ahead of the Audi. He’s now 10th

17:28So that means TOC is third, just ahead of Shedden. Can the BMW hold on?

17:28Frank Wrathall is running a very lonely 9th.

17:27Mat Jackson runs wide at the Bomb Hole, drops down to 6th.

17:27Matt Neal is now 12th, great recovery thus far from the defending champion.

17:26Gilham is now running slowly, damage accrued from the contact with Welch to the front right of the Vauxhall. He was 12th.

17:26TOC again attacks on the outside at Riches. He can sniff a podium here. Shedden keeping a watching brief – he’s carrying a lot of success ballast remember.

17:25Gilham is running quite strongly in the Insignia, in 13th. Two places back is Matt Neal.

17:24Gilham and Welch come together at Riches and Welch is spat off. He keeps it pointing the right way though.

17:24Five down, seven to go, and TOC lines up Jackson into Riches…Jackson covers down into Montreal.

17:23Newsham has 3.5s between him and the lead NGTC which is still, remarkably, Mat Jackson.

17:22Plato passes Andrew Jordan.

17:22Neate is off track yet again.

17:21Five-car train is battling for third now. Jackson heads TOC, Shedden, Jordan and Plato.

17:20His last lap was the fastest of anyone.

17:20Can Newsham hold on? Lap 4 of 12…

17:20Newsham through at Montreal.

17:19Newsham is now pressuring Wood for the lead.

17:18Shedden’s passed passed TOC at Agostini

17:17Mat Jackson passes TOC for third.

17:17Holland ended up off track again.

17:16Wrathall dropped back too.Newsham passes TOC.

17:15Onslow-Cole jumps Newsham but is on the defensive immediately as Wrathall passes Neal. Neal spinsoff.

17:13We are racing!

17:11The two Hondas have some success ballast on…will they be able to make their way through? We’ll find out very soon.

17:09Mat Jackson, starting fourth…can he deliver a remarkable victory for the new NGTC Ford Focus ST on its debut?

17:08Don’t discount Tom Onslow-Cole. He’s the third of the S2000 cars on the grid in…third. But the BMW driver is quietly confident that with a good start, and a bit of luck, he could win here.

17:07The cars are on the grid. Lea Wood will lead the field away for their formation lap shortly. Dave Newsham is alongside him. Can either of the Vauxhall’s claim a maiden BTCC victory?